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Transgender Woman Livestreams Supervisor’s Harassment on Facebook

Transgender Woman Livestreams Supervisor’s Harassment on Facebook Makana Milho

A city community service supervisor has been charged with fourth-degree sex assault after a transgender woman livestreamed him sexually harassing her on Facebook.

Makana Milho says she turned on Facebook Live to record the interactions with her supervisor after he had previously directed inappropriate comments her way.

“I didn’t want him touching me,” she said. “I did it for my own safety and for proof to show what went on.”

Milho was sentenced to six days of community service for stealing a handbag from a department store to pay her rent. She says on the fifth day, while cleaning a city park in Aiea, her supervisor grabbed her behind and started asking for sexual favors.

That’s when Milho decided to turn to Facebook Live.

The video starts with the camera on Milho:

 “I’m doing my community service and this guy, he’s been propositioning me, asking me about my t***. He’s coming soon but I’m going to leave it online so you guys can all see and see what he’s talking about. It’s disgusting.”

Milho hides her phone in her bag, while still streaming live on Facebook. For several minutes a man is heard talking about other sexual encounters he has had. Then, he tells Milho he wants her to perform sex acts on him.

“Oh I got to kiss you, too?” Milho asks. The man responds, “I don’t know. If you like, but I was going … I like kiss you.”

The man then tells her she can end her community service early that day, if she complies:

Milho: “I can go home instead of going home at 3:30 yeah?”

Supervisor: “Yeah, yeah or 10:30 or whatever. Cause if not, I going have to keep you at least until 1 o’clock, you know what I mean?”

Milho later says in the video, “I’ll think about it.”

Milho secretly livestreamed the July 22 encounter on Facebook and got 197,000 views before she removed the video this week after receiving hateful messages online, including from other members of the LGBT community, who accused her of being a prostitute who egged the man on.

 “I took it down because I was getting so much backlash,” she told Daily Beast “People were saying it’s my fault. People were making fun of the situation. I wasn’t comfortable being a punchline to something serious that happened to me.

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