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Who Keeps Changing Castro’s Whats App Dp And Status?

Who Keeps Changing Castro’s Whats App Dp And Status? Castro

It will surprise many who don’t have his number to know that, Castro’s Whats App display picture (dp) and status keep changing. For some time now, whoever has the missing Artiste’s Whats App number keeps changing pictures and status of the Artiste’s Whats App frequently, Source can authoritatively reveal.

Currently, Castro’s MTN number which ends with …434 has the status “Fear GOD & Not Them, Cos God Is The Greatest. #JahBless” and the display picture is Castro in a blue and gold tank-top in the driver’s seat of a car, wrapped with seat beat. With Castro is a dude in white shirt and green and black cap with the inscription ‘SABRES.’

Castro’s Glo number ending with …435 has the status “GOD IS IN CONTROL.. My GOD IS A, CONSUMING FIRE” and the display picture which read “AS LONG AS I HAVE THE LORD ON MY SIDE I WILL BE OK.” It is unclear who has been changing the Artiste’s Whats App dp and status.

It is also unclear if Castro’s phone was found at the time he mysterious disappeared or he has his phone with him wherever he is. Before the current display picture on Castro’s MTN Whats App dp was a picture of himself in an overall white dress kneeling and praying.

He as well had a picture of him receiving an award on the 2014 VGMA awards night. If his phone is with someone else either than himself, then whoever is preoccupied with the changing of the display pictures and status is not helping the case.

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