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#DUMSORMUSTSTOP: Sarkodie Adds His Voice

#DUMSORMUSTSTOP: Sarkodie Adds His Voice Sarkodie

The voice of the voiceless are talking so we hope something will be done within the shortest possible time to curb this power rationing situation in the country. Yvonne Nelson and other Ghanaian stars started to talk against ‘dumsor’ in the country and here comes Sarkodie adding his voice to what his celebrity friends have already campaigned against.

“Watch and listen to them carefully and see if they care about Us.

“It’s a miracle how we survive down here you know.

“Guess dumsor will pause when election is closer right?? Smh and ma people will fall for it!!! After all it’s caused ….

“What voting means down here : choosing who’s best to maltreat me … Simple.

“We been treated like Kids Down here ma people and it’s sad … They succeeded in programming our minds not to focus on important issues.

“All these fake political talk shows with people battling on who speaks better English and not sharing ideas on way forward.

“See how we scream when our lights back on like they doing us a favor smh .. And we think we have rights???.

“Maybe am not normal or its ma disorder but I hate hurting people … That seem to be normal to them… Not to me ..

“#dumsormuststop !!!!!!!

“Loads of politicians are scared for their lives but know the truth on what’s happening but atleast they benefit directly we don’t.

“You guys can afford guards we can’t .. U can afford vacations we cant… All we have in this messed up economy is electricity…That one too.

“You can’t even be innovative in this country …

“I’m realistic I ain’t looking for change overnight but then wanna see the effort towards it … Not bothered with your updates on visits.

“When your boss is broke that doesn’t affect your pay … So it’s up to him to keep things right while you do your part …Same Mr. President.”

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