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Assumptions Behind Castro's Disappearance

Assumptions Behind Castro's Disappearance Castro And Janet

Well,I have been doing some quite analysis on the entire disappearance of Castro,one of Ghana’s finest musicians and his presumed escort Janet Bandu.

The woeful incident came in a flash,at one moment the musician was probably having fun and cruising with his friends which included the black stars captain Asamoah Gyan,and the next moment,Castro is nowhere to be found.

What could have gone wrong?

The question everyone was asking on that sorrowful day which has still not been answered. All we can do right now is to ask more questions and assume,everyone to their opinions.We have had countless opinions and assurances from various sectors which began with spiritualists,the police,the navy and other expertise but yet no one seems to know their whereabouts. It has been over a year now since they disappeared and yet not even a clue on their location and status,whether they are dead or alive.

We have heard countless rumours with all of them turning out to be untrue,the most rumoured was the news which broke that Castro has been admitted into a hospital at Togo,a false alarm which gave Ghanaians a false hope.

The question still stands, where are they? Whilst I pondered over these issues,I came to the conclusion that……

Castro might still be alive and if that’s the case,where could he be? There’re only two assumptions in my head which is very clear,it’s either Castro has deliberately hidden himself because he is scared to face the Ghanaian populace who might ask questions he can’t answer,like the whereabouts of his escort Janet.

Can Castro be alive and Janet dead? That will be a good reason why anybody will like to stay away for a while,but even so,where then is Jane’s body because the search party stayed on the Ada river almost close to a week but couldn’t find any casualties. The million dollar question still remains unanswered.

I am not insinuating anything but perhaps Janet fell and when Castro felt he couldn’t save her,he run into hiding. There’s no sign of Jane’s body so we can’t even determine whether she is alive or dead,which even makes the case much scarier.

Taking the spiritual aspect of this issue,people speculated that Janet was sent from some spiritual camp to lure the musician to the camp. Jane’s family later came out to boycott those speculations, but how would they know if their child have some dealings with any maame water camp?

From the parental check,the child even left home without their notice to join Castro which ended up in their disappearance,so how would they know if Janet was possessed by some demon or not?


The case isn’t a light one,and it doesn’t surprise me how Ghanaians have easily forgotten about it all.

Since there’s no sign of their existence I hope wherever they’re,they’re together but until then, let’s not forget that spiritualist who said Castro will be returning to us in the next seven years,but once again,this is a corrupt nation anything could

have gone into the woeful disappearance of Romeo and Juliet. This is just my assumptions though,have a nice




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