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No Man Can Dump Me - Moesha Boduong

No Man Can Dump Me - Moesha Boduong Moesha Boduong

Actress Moesha Boduong confidently without fear or favour says that no one born of a woman can break up with her unless she decides to call it quits.

She said this when she appeared as a guest on the Delay show.

According to her, all the men she has ever dated, none of them can hit their chest and say I broke up with Moesha

“No guy can leave me, just  take a look at me, do I look like someone that you can easily let go no, you can’t unless I decide to say I am done with you so let’s call it quit,” she said.

When asked if her confidence has any spiritual backing, she answered; “hell no, I do not use any form of medicine or any charm. The thing is, when you are with me, I will not give you a reason to even think of breaking up with me. I will do my homework well and be your woman and woman only, so there is no way you would not to leave me.”

“The bottom line is, I have that luck to keep a man until I say it’s over,” she added.

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