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What’s With Our Celebrities And Sunglasses?

What’s With Our Celebrities And Sunglasses? Joselyn Dumas

Lately, majority of our Ghanaian celebrities have made the wearing of sunglasses habitual irrespective of the weather, the venue or the time of the day.

Sunglasses in general are worn for various reasons. While some are worn for the purpose of correcting eyesight and concealing emotions, others are worn to protect the eyes against ultraviolet radiation or excessive exposure to very bright light.

Most celebrities wear sunglasses for fashion and are usually seen flaunting designer sunglasses which are in vogue. Some people with severe visual impairment also put on sunglasses to prevent uncomfortable or confusing eye contacts with other persons.

In spite of the protective merits of sunglasses, the constant use of it is highly possible to damage one’s eyesight. Sunlight is very important, but sunglasses limit the light traveling from the eyes to the pineal gland. The pineal gland is an active secreting gland which functions properly with unfiltered sunlight.

Today, most movie, music, TV, radio and internet stars are seen during night events, indoors interviews at television or radio studios and even cloudy days with sunglasses on. As the saying goes, too much of everything is bad. A few days ago, a very popular musician was in a live interview on TV and he had very dark sunglasses in the already dark studio. bradely pic

The host of the show jokingly asked this musician to take of his shades, because she has never really seen the real eyeball of this musician. After a few seconds of hesitation, the musician finally took the sunglasses off and you will not believe what my very own eyes saw. The musician’s eye were almost similar to that of a raccoon, his eyeballs seemed like they have been hammered on and he kept blinking his eyes like they were not seeing properly.

Some other time on social media, I saw an actress sharing pictures of herself at an enclosed pool side with sunglasses on. She was in her swim suit in the pool with shades on. Who swims with sunglasses? At one night beach party, I again spotted a radio presenter who was hosting the event in extremely dark sunglasses. He had this shades on from around 7:00pm till day break.

The few instances above got me wondering what this sudden craze for sunglasses is all about. Are those guilty of this act not aware of the side effects? Are they addicted to sunglasses and need help? Do they know the number of fans who blindly imitate their style of dressing? I would urge our celebrities to minimize the number of times they put on sunglasses, in order to prevent any form of eye damages in the near future.

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