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November 13, 2017
GNA Feature by Boakye-Dankwa Boadi Kumasi, Nov 13, GNA - "Tweaduampon Kwame, You are God, besides You there is no God. There was no God formed before You and

Pastor Adeboye Finally Reacts To OAP Freeze Tithe Claims

November 06, 2017
The respected General Overseer of The Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor E.A. Adeboye has addressed the Tithe controversy that has been generating arguments online by

'My Brother's Wife's Pastor Exposed Her As The One Blocking Her Husband's Progress"

November 05, 2017
Personally, I also know someone in this same mess at the moment but even the wife has forgotten that it was what she and her

'Christian numerologist' predicted world's end on Saturday

September 22, 2017
David Meade has made past claims that the world will end on September 23He now is saying that it will not end but that 'the

Muslims lend Christians hijab to escape ISIS in Philippines

June 19, 2017
Muslims are lending terrified Christians hijab veils to help them disguise themselves from ISIS terrorists as they try to escape their clutches. This happened in the

Prophecy number 39 by Prophet Kobi about Black stars comes true

February 03, 2017
The 39th prophecy by Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi on the 31st Night of last December, 2016 has come to pass as prophesied. According to the leader

VIDEO: White Priest ‘Lashes’ Black Congregation In Bizarre Ritual

January 30, 2017
The throwback to colonial days theme in this video is so striking that it’s ‘a miracle’ that none of the church members can particularly pick

Counselor Lutterodt: “The Bible Doesn’t Condemn Prostitution”

January 26, 2017
Counselor George Lutterodt during his recent radio tour has said that the Holy Bible does not in any way condemned prostitution as a profession. The controversial

South African Church Distances Itself From Bishop Dag Heward-Mills Anti-Gay Comments

January 25, 2017
The founder and Presiding Bishop of the Lighthouse Chapel International, Dag Heward-Mills who recently got into a lot of trouble with South Africans for his

WATCH: Pastor Lawrence Tetteh ‘Brag’ About Nurturing Sonnie Badu,Others

January 25, 2017
Ultimately,leadership is not about glorious crowning acts but its about keeping your team focused on a goal and motivated to do their best to achieve

PHOTO: Archbishop Nicholas Duncan Williams Prays At Donald Trump’s Inaugural Ceremony

January 21, 2017
The inauguration of Donald J. Trump occurrs in Washington today and a Ghanaian bishop was on hand to lead the all important prayer service ahead

Girl Who Cries Tears of Blood Delivered of Demons at TB Joshua's Church (VIDEO)

January 05, 2017
A young lady who was allegedly suffering from a demonic possession that made her cry tears of blood has been reportedly delivered of her affliction.  A

Here Are The 26 Owusu Bempah Prophecies That Have Got Ghanaians Fuming With Anger

January 03, 2017
Prophet Isaac Owusu Bempah is a “household brand” and he has equally landed himself in a lot of controversies and it is just of public

I Have My Husband's Anointing But,... - Florence Obinim

December 17, 2016
Bishop Daniel Obinim came up with this hogwash of being an angel and of course, his church people have been running with it ever since.  

Popular South African Prophet Pictured Using Toxic 'Doom' Pesticide to Heal Worshipers in Sunday Service (Photos)

November 21, 2016
A popular South African prophet, Lethebo Rabalago has sparked a media controversy after he was pictured using pesticide to heal worshipers during his Church's Sunday

UK’s High Commissioner, Jon Benjamin Takes A Swipe At “Angel” Bishop Obinim On Twitter

November 15, 2016
Following the charge on Angel Obinim of the  International God’s Way Church (IGWC) at the back of he abusing two of his church members, Jon

VIDEO: ‘Maame Water’ is Looking for You So You Will Disappear Like Castro If You Go Swimming Anywhere - Bishop Obinim Tells Actress Benedicta Gafah

November 13, 2016
Though it’s absolutely insane to believe that any Marine Goddess locally called ‘Maame Water’ exists anywhere in the big ocean–a lot of Ghanaians believe this,

“Love Goes With Money, Not Just Words” – Mensa Otabil

November 13, 2016
And I couldn’t agree more, I mean the fact that I love you does not mean I should stay with you in a relationship that

When Your Pastor Is Caught Lying And You Can’t Think Far - Read Some Of The Absurd Reasoning T.B Joshua Followers Are Using To Excuse His Failed ‘Prophecy’

November 10, 2016
Prophet TB Joshua was left red with egg in his face early Wednesday when the results for the 2016 US Presidential elections came back and

‘Angel’ Shows Up In Church In Eastern Region [PHOTO]

October 17, 2016
A strange image of a perceived supernatural being believed to be an angel has been captured on camera during a church service by the Arjarquah

Awww...Little Girl Pictured On Her Knees Lost In Deep Worship (PHOTOS)

September 03, 2016
Pastor Jerry Uchechukwu Eze shared photos of his young daughter lost in deep worship while he was ministering in church earlier today. Below is what he

Muslim Man Goes Crazy On Air After Reading A Book That ‘Exposed’ The True Character Of Muhammad (Must Watch Video)

July 15, 2016
There’s something funny religion does to the human brain, which in some ways seem surprising but in many others make total sense. So long as a

WTF? The Blood of Jesus' Being Sold In Plastic Bottles

July 09, 2016
According to this unconfirmed report by Zambezi Reporters, Malawi pastor and the founder of ECG ministries, Prophet Shepherd ‘Major 1’ Bushiri is allegedly selling 'blood

WTF? The Insanity of Religion & It Followers Captured By This Short But Shocking Video

June 15, 2016
“I know of only one thing capable of making even the smartest person in the room stupid, and the benevolent defend cruelty—-and proceed to say

“Hell Will Be Hotter For Deeper Life Members” - Pastor

April 26, 2016
The General Superintendent of Deeper Life Bible Church, Pastor W.F Kumuyi has reportedly warned his members that hell will be hotter than normal for them. In

Traditional Priestess Reportedly ‘Converts’ To Christianity After Spiritual Battle With Church

April 25, 2016
Perhaps this is a prelude of what would have happened to Okomfo Yaw, leading to him deciding to boycott his ‘battle’ with Obinim. The conversation in

Pope Francis On The Joy Of S*x

April 15, 2016
When Pope Francis released a widely anticipated document on family life last week, he didn't just weigh in on controversial topics like whether remarried Catholics

Zimbabwe Prophet Launches Anointed Soaps For Luring Men

April 14, 2016
A Zimbabwean- based prophet of the Tapiwa Freddy of Goodness and Mercy Ministries has unveiled an anointed soap which according to him helps lure men

I Did Not Have S3x With That Priest, Vatican Leaks Trial Told

April 07, 2016
An alleged night of s-x at the centre of a controversial Vatican leaks trial never took place, accused former PR consultant Francesca Chaouqui told a

Policeman Criticised For Praying on The Streets

April 05, 2016
A photo which depicts a Ghanaian policeman praying while on duty has been condemned by some social media users. The policeman can be seen praying on

VIDEO: Jesus Christ Impersonator Falls Off The Cross

March 30, 2016
In a new twist to Jesus’ crucifixion, the 21st century re-enactment ends with the son of God plummeting to the ground. During Easter celebrations in the

Bishop Obinim’s Spiritual Father Dead?

March 30, 2016
Rumours are that the acclaimed spiritual father of the founder and leader of God’s Way International Ministries, Bishop Daniel Obinim is said to be dead. The

Church In London Fined £7,500 Over 3am ‘Demon’ Banishing Services

March 21, 2016
A south London church has been fined several thousand pounds for annoying neighbours with noisey 3am services aimed at banishing ‘demons’.  Magistrates ordered the leaders of

SHOCKING VIDEO!! Meet the Demon Called ‘Asiedu Nketiah’ Who Will Die in Just A Week According to A Pastor

March 01, 2016
Sometimes, you get confused as to who to lash with the insanity whip; in this case, is it the pastor, the supposed demon possessed woman

OUCH!! See What Happen To This Pretty Girls For Xposing B00bs In Hijab

January 25, 2016
Instagram page, arewa_models posted these photo of these pretty girls wearing  Hijab. Hijab is meant to cover a Muslim lady properly but the light skin beauty

PHOTO: Unbelievable! Scientist Reveal The 'True' Picture of Jesus Christ

December 14, 2015
We all grew up with images of Jesus as a handsome, brown/blue eyed and long haired Caucasian man from images on stained glasses, rosaries, prayer
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