Wiyaala Goes Half Nak3d At The GN Bank Awards [Photos]

Wiyaala Goes Half Nak3d At The GN Bank Awards [Photos] Wiyaala Noella

Afropop artiste Wiyaala Noella nearly showed the audience who were present at the recently held GN Bank Awards her private parts.

Those of us who looked very keenly at her when she was on stage performing, saw some of the things she does not want people to see.

The costume Wiyaala wore on the night of the awards was nice but to me, it was not right when you know you’ll be performing. The costume restricted her from many moves on stage because the slightest mistake and her “things” would have been shown to the world.

Wiyaala is that energetic musician who does not joke when she is on stage. She puts a lot of energy in her act but this time around, we did not see that Wiyaala due to what she wore on the night of the event.

She wasn’t ready to be the talk of the town for showing her “tonga” so she played her game safe on stage.

See the dress Wiyaala wore for her performance.


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