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Special Attention Project Organises Vacation Classes for Children with Learning Difficulties

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Special Attention Project (SAP), a Ghanaian NGO working for the rights of children with learning difficulties initiated special vacation classes for children with learning difficulties this academic year with over 50 children benefiting from the classes.

The 6-week vacation classes form an integral part of SAP’s school-level interventions to help struggling children learn better.

Through SAP’s sensitisation sessions on learning difficulties with parents during PTA meetings, children identified as showing signs of learning difficulties are enrolled in the classes.

“What makes this vacation classes special is that we are using an Individualised Education Plan to teach the children, most of who have learning problems in reading.

“The classes are therefore, tailored toward the specific learning needs of the children to help improve their areas of learning difficulties,” Monica Dankwah, SAP teacher explained.

Another teacher, Moses Obuobi said: “We have grouped the children into smaller groups and each child receives special attention from a teacher based on his or her learning need. The classes are also special because they are creating the opportunity for children from various schools to fraternise.”

Some children have been sharing their experiences about the vacation classes so far:

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Gifty Agyei (Age 10, Class 4): “The good thing is that when I attended the classes, the teachers asked me a lot of questions about my learning. They also made me to do an exercise to find out which subject I couldn’t do well. And since then, the teachers have been paying attention to me to be able to learn better.”

Thomas Amoah (Age 9, Class 3): “The classes are different. I like the way the teachers teach. They sit with me and make sure that I understand whatever I’m being taught. I really like the classes.”

Leticia Asare (Age 11, Class 5): “The teachers are patient and when I don’t understand anything, they assist and encourage me to learn more.”

Some parents have also been sharing the impact the classes are having on their children:

Mr. Peter Agyei (parent): “I have three children in the vacation classes and my third son (class 1) who normally didn’t like speaking English now speaks English at home. I see him learning on his own by reciting letter sounds he has been taught at the vacation classes.”

Madam Esther Abrafi (parent): My daughter couldn’t read well but when she joined the classes, she is beginning to read. I made her to read to me all that she has learnt at the vacation classes and she was able to read.”

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