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Angry Judge Frustrated At DVLA


A high court judge has vented her angst regarding the failure of the Driver Vehicle and Licensing Authority (DVLA) to issue her with a driver’s licence over the past four years.

Justice Naa Adoley Azu recounted how she had been going to and from the offices of the DVLA with intent to collect her licence, but any time she got there she said she was given excuses.

Although the judge said she had been given a document to use temporarily, she was not happy with how she had been treated by some officials at the Authority who sometimes giggled at her and referred her to go to “Room 6” if she was not satisfied.

According to Justice Naa Adoley Azu, some Ghanaians create situations out of the system to frustrate others.

She was speaking on the sidelines of the case involving an Indian businessman, Ashok Kumar Sivaram, who had filed a writ of Mandamus against the Ghana Immigration Service.

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Justice Azu recounted that she and her staff had been working tirelessly for the country and yet had to suffer at the hands of the DVLA over the issuance of a driver’s licence.

According to her, when she visited the DVLA offices sometime last week to pick her licence, she was asked to go and come back in March next year because the licence had not been printed out.

This notwithstanding, she said her picture had been taken on three occasions by the officials of the Authority.

When a state attorney tried to solicit information on her licence so as to follow up, the judge said, “It was not good for somebody to know somebody before things are done the right way.”

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