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Stuntwoman killed on set for Deadpool 2

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A stunt woman on the set of the Deadpool 2 movie has died, according to police.

Witnesses have said that a female motorcyclist crashed her bike in an accident on the set in Vancouver’s Jack Poole Plaza. She reportedly went airborne before crashing through glass at Shaw Tower. Onlookers originally thought that the crash was a choreographed part of the filming, but then soon realised that the incident was unintended. Some witnesses reportedly said that the stunt driver may not have applied her brakes before the crash.

“A stunt driver has died on the set of Deadpool during a stunt on a motorcycle,” Vancouver Police tweeted.

“Vancouver Police can confirm that a female stunt driver has died on the set of Deadpool 2 during a stunt on a motorcycle,” police said in a supplementary statement. More information on the stunt and what had contributed to the fatal crash, was not available.

Witnesses described a chaotic scenario surrounding the crash.

“People were running on the sidewalk, the motorcycle comes flying across the street, looks like from a ramp because it was in the air,” one told Global News. The rider was “standing on the bike, slams into that building, clearly hit and out-of-control and clearly not planned.”

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Deadpool 2 has a scheduled release date for June 2018, and it is unclear if this incident might impact those plans. Production of the film began in June. The film stars Ryan Reynolds and Josh Brolin.

The Deadpool 2 accident is at least the second stunt mishap on a major film set in as many days. Just a day before, Tom Cruise injured himself on the set of Mission Impossible 6. Cruise, 55, injured his leg in London after falling short of his mark and hitting a building. He was later seen limping away and the collapsing. He then limps back to the edge of the building before being pulled away by crew of the safety team.

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