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Ladies! This is Why You Should Never Wear Any Underwear to Bed at Night

August 20, 2016
A new revelation has been made about the effects of going to bed without any underwear on and why you have to adhere to it.  One

9 Weirdest Ways African Men End Relationships–That Satan Wouldn’t Even Approve Of The Methods

August 15, 2016
Two people normally agree to be in a relationship–and this ground is mostly reached after many conversations and sometimes dates. It’s reasonable that people who get

FIVE Signs That He Is Not Into You | His Indecision Is Decision Enough: TIME TO DROP THAT YAM

August 15, 2016
There is nothing intensely infuriating in the world of dating and relationship than been with someone who seem heads over heels in love with you

Guys!! Check Out 5 S*x Moves You Think She Likes, But Doesn't

August 13, 2016
There are certain things men do in bed that they feel will blow their women away, but are actually wrong about. These are some of

10 Jobs That Make It Difficult for Men to Intimately Satisfy Their Wives

August 13, 2016
Comic Nigerian writer, Tosyne2much has shared his own opinion on some certain jobs that will affect a man's role as a husband.  Women need their men

6 Amazing Tips for Having Mind-blowing Midnight S*x With Your Partner

August 12, 2016
Have you had that fantasy of having amazing an amazing midnight s*x with your partner? These are tips you must take to heart.  1. Squeeze your

Some Girls are Really Dirty: Video Of Female Legon Students Masturbating With Their Mobile Phone Goes Viral

August 11, 2016
Video Of Female Legon Students Masturbating With Their Mobile Phone Goes Viral. Click Here To Watch The Video YOU MAY ALSO WANT TO WATCH: First Video Of

No S*x Until Marriage; Now Let’s Get Ourselves A “New” Car Without Test Driving...LOL

August 11, 2016
Many will argue that s*x is definitely not a major factor in any serious relationship. I can bet my two cents that it keeps the

If You’re Scared of These 4 Things, You Won’t Have Great S*x

August 10, 2016
Facing your fears is downright sexy. Hollywood sells a pretty picture of falling in loveand living happily ever after. What Hollywood doesn’t tell you anything about

Reasons Men Wants High Maintenance Women (Photos)

August 09, 2016
They Are Trendy What makes them look attractive? Well, they are trendy, modern and stylish and this is why they can easily get your attention. They

Research Says Being Being Lazy is a Sign of High Intelligence

August 09, 2016
On the face of it, this sounds like some intellectual irony but take time to assess things and you may agree with the research. According to

5 Things a Man Should Think of Before Having S*x

August 05, 2016
Sex is thrilling, amazing and incredibly powerful.  In fact, the drive for sex can make a man insane.  But as Spiderman’s uncle once said (I

How Your Weight Affects Your S*x Life

August 05, 2016
Great sex involves every part of you. It happens when you let go and give into the moment and your feelings for each other. The

An Hour’s Walk Cancels Out 8 Hours Behind A Desk – Scientists

August 04, 2016
An hour of moderate physical activity per day is enough to cancel out the deadly effect of sitting behind an office desk or watching TV,

Cool Down! Here Are 8 Sweet Things to Do After S*x...Number 4 Will Blow Your Mind

August 02, 2016
Some people feel all they have to do after s*x with their partners is to just get up and get out or sleep off, but

Why Money, Cars, Houses & Others Are Not Really WEALTH—We’ve Been Fooled for Many Years

August 01, 2016
I came across an interesting piece from Stephen Hawkings today for project Unlimited, which resonates with me on so many levels—and I’ve decided to share

7 Amazing Uses of Aloe Vera

July 29, 2016
An aloe vera plant can add a lovely touch of green to any office or home. But did you know that your favorite potted plant

Does Your V**gina Become Tighter if You Have Less S*x? Find Out Here

July 25, 2016
In life, there are a couple universal truths that stand the test of time: Peanut butter tastes better with jelly. A bike ride on a

Video: Shatta Wale Used Me To Get Attention - Kaakie

July 25, 2016
Shatta Movement Family might just not be happy with Kaakie. Ghanaian dancehall artist Grace Kaki Awo Ocansey popularly known as Kaakie has revealed the supposed recent

10 Sure Signs You’re a B*tch and Don’t Even Know It

July 21, 2016
Are your romantic and platonic relationships going down the drain? Here are 10 signs you’re a bitch and what you can do to knock it

How to Get to Know a Girl: 17 Ways to Win Her Heart

July 21, 2016
If you want to steal a girl’s heart, you’re going to have to find out how to get to know a girl first. Here are

Kaakie Reveals She Chews Marijuana

July 20, 2016
Dancehall act Kaakie today released her first song in a long while titled ‘Sankwas’. ‘Sankwas’ is a Ghanaian term meaning ‘something or someone who is sub-standard

The Best Inspirational Movies for When Your Motivation Lags

July 19, 2016
We all hit road blocks in our lives where we lose all motivation. When this feeling strikes, pick yourself back up with these inspirational movies. Everyone

How to End a Long-Term Relationship Like a Grown-Up

July 19, 2016
Ending a long-term relationship involves heartbreak. It is up to you to minimize the damage as much as you can, making a clean break from

These Would Have Been The Ghanaian Names Of These Foreign Celebrities

July 18, 2016
Have you ever imagined what your favorite foreign celebrities would have been called if they were Ghanaians? Let us help you 1. Alicia Keys Let’s imagine Alicia Keys

Who is Hotter? Vera Sedika or Benedicta Gafah (Photos)

July 15, 2016
Upcoming Ghanaian actress, Benedicta Gafah known by most Ghanaians in her appearance in Bisa K'dei's 'Mansa' video rocking it in buttoned top teamed up with
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