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Okyeame Kwame Grabs Wife’s Yansh in These Promo Photos

July 12, 2016
The marriage between rapper Okyeame Kwame and his wife Mrs Annica Nsiah Appau is one of the best in Ghanaian showbiz.  One cannot mention best celebrity

Just Imagine How These Ladies Dressed To A Party

July 12, 2016
The World Has Indeed Come To An End

6 Things Happy Couples Always Let Go Of

July 11, 2016
While there are many secrets to getting along with the love of your life during the ugly, tense, and smelly times, the number one thing

There’s No Point in Getting into A Relationship If You Are Not Ready to Have S£X—True or False?

July 08, 2016
Abstinence is now becoming one of the “it” things in relationships now; its not necessary to look far with the likes of celebrities such as

6 Powerful Ways To Kill Low Self-esteem With Pride

July 06, 2016
Maintaining a high self-esteem is the surest way to hit most of your dreams. When you are self-confident, people don’t laugh at your flaws, they

So Sad! Sports Journo, Christopher Opoku Spotted Looking Very Thin Following His Battle With Cancer

July 05, 2016
One of the top broadcasters and sports journalists in Ghana, Christopher Opoku, who battled with cancer about three years ago has been spotted looking thinner

Instgram Beauty, H3rsh3y Chocolate - Eye Candy With Style (VIDEO)

July 05, 2016
Dark-chocolate, Instagram celebrity H3rsh3y Chocolate, certainty has curves and knows how to attract over 69 thousand Instagram followers. The Liberian Instagram beauty is also a

6 Amazing Possibilities of Why You See People in Your Dreams. Number 6 is Hot

July 04, 2016
Dreams are a mystery. Science has no clear answer to the question why we dream and what these visions mean. Some of these night visualizations

Obrafour Is Critically Ill – Sarkodie Reveals As He Calls For Prayers

July 04, 2016
The one and only ‘rap sofor’ we have in this country, Obrafour is apparently critically ill. Sarkodie in a couple of tweets Monday said that Obrafour

Shocking!! Just Imagine What This Two Kids Were Caught Doing | Meet The Youngest GAY Couple in Ghana (Video)

July 01, 2016
These Kids were caught Having Anal Intercourse On A Piece Of Cocoanut Branch Behind a Building. According To One of These Kids, A Guy Called Paa

9 Healthy Foods That Can Easily Kill You. The Last One is Shocking

June 29, 2016
Set on healthy eating? Then these foods are most likely on your list of the best to eat. But did you know some healthy foods

Here’s How To Be That Woman Every Man Desires

June 27, 2016
Men are picky when it comes to dating. If you are single and out there dating, I am sure you are very aware of just

Read: The Pains of Being a Broke Boyfriend

June 27, 2016
Divided attention: You want to hustle so hard and get out of the bottom, you have lofty dreams broken down into goals, and still you want

3 Things You Should Surely Know About the Average Ghanaian Guy

June 25, 2016
Average means in the middle or not extreme. An average guy is usually defined as the typical guy who walks the streets—does the thing that

My First ‘Sin’ of Self Pleasuring | An Unconventional Pleasure

June 25, 2016
“ Above all  I pity the homeless: where can they go to masturbate”- Robert Clark. In our local setting, self-pleasuring is one topic most guys shy

Ladies!! These 5 Things Can Cause Pain During S*x. There Are 5 Solutions For Your Trouble!

June 24, 2016
Ladies, have you ever had a situation when sex was painful? Most of us had! Once you learn these tips on how to get rid

Men! Are You Coming Too Soon? With These Signs, You Will Know For Sure

June 23, 2016
Is there an average time sex should last? Are you falling short of that standard or can you be named a sex champ? These sex

Electric Man: A Lot of ‘Intelligent’ Ghanaian Women Are Going in for the ‘Other Man’

June 23, 2016
Women need s*x! I don’t know how to put this lightly but that’s the truth. Call it empowerment, vanity or pragmatism but a number of women-married

Having More S*x Could Save Your Life - New Research Reveals Interesting Details

June 22, 2016
Having enough s*x could be the secret to happiness which many people do not know about. A new study has shown interesting details about this.  Do

Five Ghanaian Foods That Could Be Harmful

June 22, 2016
Ghanaians do not joke with our food at all. A significant portion of our resources go into providing ourselves with good food. However, some of foods

Two-week Old Marriage Collapsing Over S*x Position [AUDIO]

June 18, 2016
A man is threatening to divorce his legally wedded wife for failing to perform his required sex positions during their honeymoon. Emmanuel Owusu, according to his

Man Caught Having S3x With The ROAD (Video)

June 17, 2016
A man has been caught on camera having sex with the road in the middle of the day. Stunned office workers filmed the man thrusting

Women Used These 5 Amazing Techniques and Got Multi-orgasms Every Time They Had S*x!

June 15, 2016
Having a hard time to enjoy sex every time your partner wants it? These amazing things would allow you to get the best orgasms in

7 Ways To Text A Woman And Get The Right Feedback | A Guide from Another Woman

June 15, 2016
Have you ever given a thought to understanding women or unravelling the mysteries that engulfs them? Have you ever been ignored after you text a lady

Why They Call Her a Rubber Girl? The Calendar With Her Photos Thrills People!

June 14, 2016
The girl’s name is Julia, and she is the most flexible woman in the world! Look and see for yourself why they call her the

Here Are Five Places You Can Have S*x For Free In Accra

June 13, 2016
5 known brothels you can hang around in Accra Its reasons could vary from pleasure to procreation, one’s insecurity or man’s inquisitive nature all adds up
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