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Ivor Greenstreet Used The Wrong Platform – Kweku Baako

Ivor Greenstreet Used The Wrong Platform – Kweku Baako Kweku Baako

Managing Editor of the New Crusading Guide newspaper, Abdul Malik Kweku Baako has waded into the hullabaloo surrounding the Solidarity message given by the General Secretary of the Convention People’s Party (CPP), Ivor Greenstreet.

Ivor Greenstreet speaking at the just-ended National Delegates Congress of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) said: “Ghanaians are not happy at all…continuous dumsor, dumsor (light outs), corruption from top to bottom, left, right, inside out, and all the challenges you are facing, but it is suffocating the Ghanaian people...this bronya is dry…the most painful thing of all is that you don’t care…yooo NDC, continue we are watching you!! Do what you want to do; we will also know what to do. Boys Abr3, Boys Abr3”

This statement has received a lot of condemnation from the ruling NDC and commendation from the main opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP).
Adding his voice to the debate during a panel discussion on Wednesday’s edition of ‘Kokrokoo’, Kweku Baako said even though he agrees with everything his General Secretary said, “the platform was wrong”.

“He told the truth but the platform was not appropriate… Kwabena Agyepong made similar statements but it wasn’t antagonist so the effect wasn’t felt… and so personally the platform was wrong. But the content of his message was correct… are we not experiencing dumsor? Is corruption pervasive? Yes it is and so he spoke the truth but perhaps he chose the wrong platform.” Kweku Baako noted.

Samuel George on Ivor Greenstreet

One of the people who took Ivor Greenstreet to the cleaners was Samuel George, a presidential staffer.

According to Sam George, Greenstreet needs “an elevation” to see the Better Ghana Agenda the ruling NDC have always been talking about.
This statement received a lot of condemnation especially from the Ghana Federation for the Disabled. They are insisting that Sam George apologise or ‘face their wrath’

Speaking to this on the same platform, Kweku Baako said Samuel George as a communicator, should have known better.

“Who are you talking about and what is the platform…the words he chose is so clear that he goofed. As for the President if I were him, I wouldn’t have reacted at all. It shows the impact of Greenstreet’s comment… look at what even Akua Donkor said: she rather needs elevation in her thinking…”

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