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I’m Good In Bed - Fresh Prince

I’m Good In Bed - Fresh Prince Fresh Prince

Go…Go…Go Big Booty Girl! Here is your Fresh Prince, born Prince Tamakloe of the hiplife music trio, 4×4 and he is ready to give it to you “Kpagam Kpagam” if you dare care to know about his sexual life.

He revealed on “5 Things People Don’t Know”, a visual platform on GhanaGist.com that people think he is just a normal bad guy but he’s dangerous in the bedroom.

“Chale I like girls. People usually see me to be a cool bad guy but then I’m off the hook. Chale things I dey do for bedroom e plenty pass what you for know,” he said.

So the next time you should see him on any condom commercial or sexual education workshop  remember it’s a proof of one thing out of things people dont know about him.


Fresh Prince, Captain Planet and Coded (4×4) are still in the studio and working on new hits to be released.

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