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7 Drown, 1 Missing in Oti River

7 Drown, 1 Missing in Oti River File Photo

Eight persons have reportedly drowned in the Oti River near the Saboba District of the Northern Region, TV3 has gathered.

The drowned were said to be returning from a funeral in Jajab in Togo on Sundaynight, when the accident occurred.

Seven bodies including that of a pregnant woman have so far been retrieved, the District Chief Executive has told www.tv3network.

A search party is looking for the last person believed to be a child, Adolf Ali John added.

Frantic efforts are being made by doctors at the Saboba Hospital to save the baby of the pregnant woman.

The district police commander and an officer from the Bureau of National Investigations (BNI) are said to be at the scene of the disaster.

All drowned were from the Nankpeli-Chakosi town in the district, the DCE confirmed.

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