9ice Reveals 'Without My Marriage, I Wouldn't Be Here Today'


It is so Romantic when our celebrities are proud of their marriage publicly, 9ice is a good example, 9ice which we all know has gone back to study Law and is also joining politics soon, revealed In an interview with Punch about his marriage life.

“I don’t. I have never regretted that marriage. I have so many reasons. It is not only because of my son. Without that marriage, I will not be here today. I see life from a different perspective now. There are things that are inevitable. So, many things are bound to happen in life and there is nothing you can do about it. When such things happen, you have to face it. You only have to manage it when it happens and from there, you move ahead. If you don’t move ahead from that situation, you will never go to the next level.”

And now that you are back, should these artistes be scared?

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We are not on the same level. They are in the river and I am in the ocean. Let them just do their thing. I am on a different level. They are making money. That is nice. They don’t disturb me and I don’t disturb them either.


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