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Over 90% of world breathing bad air: WHO

A staggering 90 per cent of globally are breathing poor quality airPollution is blamed for more than six million deaths a year, new stats showThe

Rolling deep! Adele's comeback album 25 hits diamond status after selling 10m copies in the US in less than a year

By Ross Mcdonagh For Published: 10:10 EST, 27 September 2016 | Updated: 02:34 EST, 28 September 2016

Kate Middleton and Prince William arrive in rural Canadian town

William and Kate arrived in Kelowna, British Columbia, 30 years after Charles and Diana visited the cityThe duke and duchess watched a university volleyball game

Cedar Rapids' flood defenses hold as river swells to second-highest level EVER

An elaborate system of temporary floodwalls largely protected Cedar Rapids homes and businesses TuesdayThe 9.8-mile system of Hesco barriers and earthen berms was successfully holding

Former Israeli Prime Minister Shimon Peres dies at 93 after stroke

Statesman worked to establish the State of Israel from its birth in 1948Peres occupied nearly every key position in Israeli government in his political career

'Unarmed' black man who was 'acting erratically' is shot dead by police in San Diego suburb amid claims cops confiscated witnesses cell phones   

A black man was fatally shot by an El Cajon police officer on Tuesday afternoon at the Broadway Village Shopping CenterEl Cajon Police say they

Kate Middleton wraps up with Prince William as they arrive in Canada's Northern territory

William and Kate arrived in Whitehorse, Yukon, after a day spent in Kelowna, British ColumbiaThe Duchess of Cambridge was bundled in a thick Hobbs coat but

Former Indy racing driver paralyzed from the neck down will receive the first license restricted to an autonomous car in the US so he can operate a customized Corvette

Sam Schmidt is set to receive the first license restricted to an autonomous vehicle in the U.S. on WednesdayThe license allows him to drive on

Moment Ohio football player suffered a lethal collision with another player

Andre Jackson, 17, went to Euclid High School in Ohio and died on SundayHe was kicked in the abdomen two days prior during a game

Man accused of killing two teenagers threatens to track down judge's family in court 

Brice Rhodes threatened Judge Amber Wolf in Kentucky court on Friday  Rhodes, who has been charged with killing two teens, was in court on separate

America’s Next Top Model's Lisa D'Amato talks about placenta and intimate body parts

The 35-year-old gave birth to Venice Sire, her second child, in a hospital in Los Angeles on ThursdayThe reality television star allowed her friend to

Woman catches burglars having sex on her couch after ransacking her house

Jamie Barnes returned home after being gone for a few days to find her door openWhens she went inside she found two burglars having sex

Elon Musk unveils interplanetary transport system to 'make humans a multiplanetary species'

Spoke  at the International Astronautical Congress in Mexico today to reveal the planPledged to make the price of a trip to Mars the same price

Cabin crew reveal the secrets they never tell passengers about flying 

Flight attendants have told the in-flight secrets they have never shared Shocking confessions include the fact food is up to 72 hours old  The crew also offer advice such

No debate over his support: Michigan homeowner mows  58,000 square-foot TRUMP sign into lawn

Wally Maslowsky is a General Motors retiree who lives in rural AlmontHe decided to cut 'TRUMP' into his grass in 176-feet-high lettersIt took four to

Modern Family cast first ever openly transgender child actor

Jackson Millarker, 8, will play a transgender boy named Tom in episode He will be a playmate of Lily's, daughter of fathers Mitchell and Cam They will

The world's first baby to incorporate DNA from three parents is born in Mexico 

By Jennifer Newton for MailOnline Published: 10:01 EST, 27 September 2016 | Updated: 10:12 EST, 27 September 2016

Katy Perry strips NAKED in new clip urging fans to vote at US elections

By Ryan Smith for MailOnline Published: 05:49 EST, 27 September 2016 | Updated: 08:53 EST, 27 September 2016

Astronomers discover ultra-bright object found in a distant galaxy is a binary system

The object is an ultraluminous x-ray (ULX) source called NG3 7793 P13It is the third to be found in a galaxy 12.7 million light years from

Wife claims she buried husband under the floor of their home because she ‘can’t afford’ cemetery plot – with body only discovered after neighbours complain about the smell 

Rajvinder Singh went missing a year ago and now his body has been found His wife Manpreet has admitted burying him but denied she murdered him By Chris
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