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Nine injured after panicked shoppers at a Florida mall confuse the sound of balloons popping with gunfire

On Thursday, shoppers fled The Florida Mall in Orlando after they confused balloons popping with the sound of gunfireNine people were injured in the mass

Oregon officials accused of racism after banning rap music from school buses

Portland Public Schools issued directive to bus drivers in April'Religious' content and 'talk show programs' also bannedParents who got wind of memo were outraged, sparking

'I'm not a Muslim convert': How Kayla Mueller stood up to ISIS executioner Jihadi John as it's revealed she selflessly turned down escape opportunity to help save Yazidi sex slaves

Kayla Mueller died last year after being kept as a sex slave by ISIS She was kidnapped by ISIS along with her boyfriend in August 2013Now

Uber CEO Travis Kalanick and his street violinist girlfriend call it quits

Uber CEO Travis Kalanick, 40, and his violinist girlfriend Gabi Holzwarth, 26, have split after two yearsSources claim that Kalanick ended things due to increased

Facebook 'like' lands Florida man back in jail for violating a no contact order 

Paul Maida Jr is charged with DUI manslaughter for hitting a man in 2014His ex-girlfriend was in the car and the two allegedly swapped seats Bianca

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's gated community 'invisible' on Google Street View

Google Street View shows streets that can be accessed in blueStreets in California communities are a different color and can't be viewedThis suggests residents are banning Google cars from

Police release age-progressed sketch of male fugitive suspected in two brutal murders

Authorities have renewed search for suspect John Kelly Gentry Jr who is allegedly responsible for two brutal murdersPolice released a sketch of what they say

Waves from north Atlantic 'weather bomb' are measured in Japan

A 'weather bomb' storm over the North Atlantic caused deep sea wavesThese travelled through the Earth to Japan where they were detectedThis is the first

Czech police foil 'attack' on Angela Merkel as suspect tried to ram Chancellor

Angela Merkel flew into Prague for talks with Czech officials about BrexitA man driving a Mercedes tried to ram her motorcade from the airportCzech police

Mum of boy with Down's syndrome speaks about why she calls him a retard

Sian Isaac says she still uses the term around her eight-year-old son The 31-year-old from Devon insists she does not mean to cause upset She thinks it

Fox News White House correspondent who had an affair with a Vegas stripper returns to network as a 6am reporter

Ed Henry will return to the network after an almost four-month absence'He took the summer off to work out some issues,' an insider saidBut he

Hillary Clinton attacks the 'bigotry' coming from Donald Trump in Reno

Hillary Clinton attacked Donald Trump today in Reno, Nevada for his embrace of the 'radical fringe' She said Trump's recent moves to attract African-American voters were

ISIS fighters flee Syrian town after Turkish tanks rolled over the border

ISIS fled Jarablus less than a day after Turkish military entered Syria Ankara-backed rebel group swept into the town unopposed last night But Turkish military will stay

Syrian children among 15 killed in barrel bomb attack by Assad's forces in Aleppo

WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT Eleven children have been killed in a barrel bomb attack in Aleppo, Syria, with at least 15 people deadHorrific images showed distraught parents

Racist letter put in Kansas family's mailbox

Nancy Wirths, of Wichita, had an anonymous note put in her mailboxShe is white, but the hate-filled note was aimed at her biracial grandkids It said

Russian Couple Filmed Having S*x on an Overpass - and are Cheered on by Passing Drivers

A Russian man and woman had sex on the bonnet of a car in Krasnoyarsk Onlookers cheered as the happy couple continued their al fresco display One
Russian Couple Filmed Having S*x on an Overpass - and are Cheered on by Passing Drivers

Starbucks is NOT ripping you off when it puts loads of ice in your drink, says judge

Judge Percy Anderson tossed out a potential class-action lawsuit claiming Starbucks defrauds customers by adding ice to its cold beveragesJudge Anderson said even children know

Delaware Go Ape zipwire sees woman die after falling 40ft

Tina Werner, 59, fell 40ft from platform on Go Ape zip line course at Lums Pond State Park in DelawareMedics treated her at the scene

Never-before-seen ISIS hostage video shows Kayla Mueller

Kayla Mueller died last year after being kept as a sex slave by ISIS She was kidnapped by ISIS along with her boyfriend in August 2013The

Minivan driver runs over six-year-old boy on Brooklyn crosswalk

Child hit Wednesday around 4.30pm in Borough ParkCCTV shows the boy being hit while walking with his father and brotherDriver of the van gets out
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