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Muslims welcome Lindsay Lohan to Islam

Lindsay Lohan, 30, deleted all the photos on her Instagram account over the weekend She then changed her bio on the social media site to read

Test reveals personality based on colour combinations

Quiz claims to be able to work out personality based on your response to colours According to psychologists, there is a link between colour and personalityThe study

Impala fleeing cheetahs cowers behind cars only to be snatched away still 

 Tourist Albert Le Roux came across the action as cheetahs stalked baby impala Young animal became separated from rest of the herd in Kruger National Park  A

Paedophile admits targeting 600 young girls in India

Sunil Rastogi arrested in capital, New Delhi by police who used CCTV footageThe tailor, 38, is thought to have targeted 600 schoolgirls over 14-year periodLured

Oregon mom 'killed her 12-year-old son'

Amy Robertson, 38, was arrested for murdering her own son Caden Berry, 12Neighbors described seeing Robertson acting erratically on Saturday morningThey then found her son Caden lying

Dad gets 18 years in prison for raping 14-year-old girl

James Allen was arrested February 2015 for raping a 14-year-old at a motelAllen said they wanted to act out having a baby with a

Atif Aslam stops mid-song to save a girl being harassed

Atif Aslam was performing in Karachi on Sunday when he spotted a girl in troubleHe saw the girl in the front row of his concert

Deadly Plane Crash Razed A Small Village, Kill Children Too

A Turkish cargo plane has crashed in Kyrgyzstan killing at least 37 people. It is however expected to rise after dozens of homes were engulfed
Deadly Plane Crash Razed A Small Village, Kill Children Too

Brazilian prison riot leaves more than 30 inmates dead

The latest bloodbath took place at the Alcacuz prison in Rio Grande do Norte, near the coastal city of NatalAt least three prisoners were beheaded

How to stop cravings instantly

Registered nutritionist Rhiannon Lambert has revealed the foods to beat urgesThey include using apple cider vinegar in meals, and eating eggs for breakfast You should also

37 people including an entire family are killed when Turkish Airlines jet crashes into a village in Kyrgyzstan… where looters are already descending to steal from wreckage

The cargo plane crashed into a residential area near Kyrgyzstan's main international airport this morningIt ploughed through more than 40 buildings, killing 17 people

Cowboys fans and players are forced to take shelter in AT&T Stadium due to a tornado

Fans and players were asked to remain within AT&T stadium in TexasSevere weather warnings were issued for the Arlington area during the gameThe Dallas Cowboys

Eight richest men are worth the same as HALF the rest of the world

Oxfam study shows the world's top eight tycoons have amassed £349.8billionThe planet’s poorest 3.6billion people have the same sum between themBill Gates tops the list

Samsung Electronics finds faulty BATTERIES caused Galaxy Note 7s to burst into flames

Samsung's investigation into their Galaxy Note 7 has concluded, reports sayThey have determined that the cause of the phone's explosion were its batteriesThe complete results

Connecticut politician arrested for grabbing a woman's groin

Christopher von Keyserling was charged with sexual assault on WednesdayThe 71-year-old said he 'loved' not having to be 'politically correct' anymoreHe called the woman a

Meghan Markle's half-brother apologizes after getting arrested for drunkenly putting gun to his girlfriend's head 

Thomas Markle Jr, 50, allegedly held a gun to girlfriend Darlene Blount's headThe 50-year-old was taken into custody late on Thursday in Grants Pass, OregonHe

BBC investigating if Sherlock finale episode was leaked by Russian state broadcaster

A Russian version of the episode appeared on the internet on SaturdayThe continuity announcement identified it as coming from Channel OneCould have been leaked from

The White House press corps could be kicked out of the White House by Trump - but his team says it's because of 'tremendous' interest and the need to find more space

Esquire put out a story Saturday that said White House reporters may be evicted from their White House offices  - due to the media acting

Man who beat his mother unconscious scrawled a demon's name on her chest in black ink 

Chase Wall of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, is charged with attempted murderHis mom was found unconscious in a hotel room on Wednesday with a broken

Donald Trump slams Angela Merkel's open-door migration policy as a 'catastrophe'

President-elect lambasted chancellor and said European Union would fall apart He added that he thought the entire EU had become a ‘vehicle’ for Germany Mr Trump said
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