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Brown alumni's film blasts 'politically correct' culture at Ivy League school

Rob Montz graduated from Brown with a philosophy degree in 2005He returned to make a 13-minute film about censorship at the universitySchool’s liberal-minded administration stifle

ISIS jihadists who killed French priest captured being shot by French marksman

Video shows police moving in on the church in Saint-Etienne-du-RouvrayA nun can be seen running to safety before police open fire killing fanaticsFilm was shot

Hillary Clinton-backing celebs release star-studded Fight Song music video at the DNC

Dozens of celebrities starred in a music video in support of Hillary ClintonA cappella rendition of Fight Song was released at Democratic Convention Co-producer Elizabeth Banks

Pregnant Polish woman hacked to death with a machete by refugee in Germany

Identified only as Jolanta K, she was killed in Reutlingen on SundayMother-of-four moved to Germany after divorce; worked at kebab shopMachete-wielding Syrian refugee, 21, knew

MH370 search teams may have been looking 300 miles away

MH370 vanished during a flight to Beijing from Kuala Lumpur in 2014 Study claims to have found the 'most accurate' location of the plane It could be

New species of Whale discovered off Alaskan coast

Mysterious whale was found washed up on Alaskan island in 2014 Has now been identified as new species of beaked whale, yet to be named Species is

Clever tricks to boost your energy as you sleep

We've called on Sarah Jones, a leading lifestyle and holistic expertShe shares things you can do before and during sleep to wake up alertThis involves

ISIS killer who butchered Priest butcher was 'bewitched' by French jihadi

Adel Kermiche was one of two fanatics who stormed into Normandy churchMurdered elderly priest before being shot dead alongside another extremistKermiche known to have been

Judge: Reagan shooter can leave hospital to live in Virginia

John Hinckley Jr. has been living in a mental hospital ever since he attempted to assassinate President Reagan on March 30, 1981 He was later found not guilty

Scientists stumped by purple orb found on sea bed by Channel Islands of California

Purple orb was sucked off the sea bed during a live Nautilus explorationResearchers say they don't know what it is and could take years to

Kate Middleton flies to France for holiday on £8million private jet

Kate arrived yesterday afternoon on the £8 million private Cessna planeIt is owned by the country’s richest man, the Duke of WestminsterShe landed in the

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange hinted he would release leaked DNC emails

Australian publisher hinted to ITV he would release emails on June 12 At the time, it seemed as though they were related to her private serverBut

Texas archaeologists find ruins of adobe brick wall at dig site for the legendary Alamo

Archaeologists came across the find on FridayLead archaeologist Nesta Anderson says 'it is related to the structure somehow that was here'The dig is part of

YouTube video sees woman in tiny shorts testing men’s reactions to her 'big bum'

YouTube pranksters Immature Life filmed the video in London's Hyde Park Sees Kaysheen Whiteley, 24, walking past different groups of men Some passersby stare openly, while several

Inside Rio's Olympic village accommodation which Australian team refused to move in to

New images have emerged showing the horrendous conditions of the rooms in the athletes village at Rio OlympicsThe pictures were taken in the section designated for the

South Carolina bar attacker kills war veterans who defended woman

Joseph Mills, 25, charged with two counts of murder in the shooting deaths of servicemen Charles Judge Jr, 40, and Jonathon Prins, 29Judge and Prince were

Elizabeth Banks likens The Donald to her Hunger Games character while America Ferrera and Lena Dunham criticize his stance on immigration and women's rights

Big name stars have bashed Donald Trump on night two of the DNCElizabeth Banks kicked off night by likening Trump to Effie TrinketSaid her Hunger Games character

NFL's Aaron Rodgers speaks about brother and Bachelorette's Jordan airing family feud

Aaron Rodgers' estranged brother Jordan is competing in The BacheloretteNFL star had avoided publicly commenting on the ongoing family feudGreen Bay Packers quarterback spoke out for the first time

'Hillary Clinton isn't afraid to say Black Lives Matter': Mothers of Trayvon Martin, Sandra Bland, Eric Garner and more take to the stage for powerful endorsement of Democratic nominee

The grieving parents walked on stage together at the Democratic Convention as Mothers of the Movement Have been campaigning against gun violence and racism at the

Sanders puts his support behind Clinton in nomination vote

Clinton made history as the first woman to get a major party nominationSanders urged his supporters to 'vote for me' on Monday - but he fell
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