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LeBron explains calling Trump a bum and why he spoke out

LeBron James posted a video on Saturday calling for national unity while criticizing President Donald Trump for ‘using sports as a platform to divide us' Earlier

Meghan Markle joins Prince Harry at Invictus games

Meghan Markle joined crowds in the stands at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto on Saturday night She was seated next to friend Markus Anderson and

Why I'd never send my patients to a chiropractor  

By Dr Ellie Cannon For The Mail On Sunday Published: 17:01 EDT, 23 September 2017 | Updated: 21:01 EDT, 23 September

Letter reveals how Charles sought second opinion on Diana

Sir John Batten, who treated Diana, believed 'dangerous condition' was genetic A Royal Household doctor and two medics were also said to share his concernsViews were

Last pictures of British head teacher murdered in Amazon

Emma Kelty was killed just three days after she waved goodbye to the localsVillagers said last foreign kayaker to pass through area had been murderedThey

North Koreans celebrate Kim Jong-un's denouncing of Trump 

Residents of Pyongyang gathered in Kim Il-sung Square on Saturday for the rallyStudents carried posters and flags in support of the ruling Worker's Party Trump

Acid attack at Stratford tube station

At least eight people injured tonight in a massive acid attack after a gang of men sprayed a noxious substance Police and paramedics rushed to the

Florida good Samaritan shot dead while helping elderly man

Philip Antonino was shot by a gunman who was harassing an elderly man FridayVideo shows Antonino, 57, talking to the man for a few moments before

Torrent of water in Puerto Rico after dam ravaged by Maria

Water swept through after the dam sustained structural damage from the stormNearly 16 inches of rain fell in the area, significantly raising water levels on

Murdered model was scalped and had blood drained

Iana Kasin, 30, was found dead in her bedroom in West Hollywood last JuneThe model had been severely mutilated and was lying next to her

Strong 6.2 aftershock sways buildings in Mexico City 

Buildings swayed in Mexico City following a 6.2 earthquake in the southern state of Oaxaca Mexico City is recovering from a 7.1 temblor that struck on

U.S. bombers fly off North Korea's coast in show of force

U.S. Air Force B-1B Lancer bombers the day after President Donald Trump said the regime would be tested The Pentagon said this was to demonstrate the range

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell blasts Trump's SOB remarks

NFL comissioner claps back over Trump's remark about player protestsPresident scolded players who kneel during national anthem at Alabama rallyFormer quarterback Colin Kaepernick started the

Prince Harry meets with workers at hospital in Canada

Prince Harry greeted crowds - and dogs - as he left a meeting at The Centre for Addiction and Mental HealthThe 33-year-old prince arrived

Colorado principal, assistant out for forced-splits video

A Denver East High School principal retired this week after a video surfaced last month showing young cheerleaders being forced into splitsThe school's athletic director

Blind Spanish dog stuns crowds at a sheep herding contest

Kit looks after 210 sheep and goats near the Basque Country town of SodupeAs the dog has no vision in his eyes he relies on

NY's Manhattan R trains terrorized by subway flasher

Police release footage of man who they say has been exposing himself The alleged exhibitionist has already targeted three women since mid-AugustThe last incident occurred on September

Iran tests new medium-range missile, defying US warnings

State television carried footage of the launch of the Khoramshahr missile First displayed at a high-profile military parade in Tehran on Friday Has a range of 1,250

The joys of a Danube cruise revealed

By Caroline Hendrie For The Mail On Sunday Published: 04:08 EDT, 23 September 2017 | Updated: 07:14 EDT, 23 September 2017

London Uber ban sparks fears in cities across the country

Decision means 40,000 drivers will stop operating for firm from September 30Transport for London says company 'not fit and proper' due to safety concernsUber claims
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