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Trump resigns from Trump Organization as sons take over

President Trump resigned from Trump Organization on MondayTrump hands reins of business empire to his two sons - Donald Jr. and EricBrothers post photo on

Ex-NYC AIG worker says colleagues groped and licked her

Marlee Valenti, 34, said her supervisor and colleagues at AIG insurance would sexually harass her and female colleaguesShe said she witnessed the men in her

Ex-college football player indicted for killing ex-lover

William Gaul, 18, was indicted Monday and charged with first-degree murder, stalking, and tampering with evidence in the death of Emma Jane Walker, 16Prosecutors say

Bear the dog from New York has chain cut after 15 years

Bear is a dog from Suffolk County, New York who was chained to a dog houseHe had to survive harsh winters outside for 15 years

Trump repeats claim he would have won popular vote

Donald Trump hosted congressional leaders at the White House on MondayHe used meeting to complain he would have won popular vote if 'millions' of illegal

NY Jets' owner Woody Johnson faces Senate trouble

Robert Wood 'Woody' Johnson IV was caught hiding some of his fortune in bank accounts on the Isle of Man in 2008The heir to Johnson

Sean Spicer ravaged in memes for his 'alternative facts'

President Trump's Press Secretary Sean Spicer found himself in hot water on Saturday when he falsely claimed that Friday's inauguration was the largest everCritics became

The details on Melania Trump's inauguration beauty look

Melania's, 46, hairstylist and make-up artist share how they got her ready for the inauguration on Friday, January 20The products used cost a total of

Trump's Twitter account is top result for 'a**hole'

Trump's Twitter account is one of the top results when 'a**hole' is searchedHe is also the number one result in people search for 'bigot' and

Facebook addiction could be in your genes, study reveals

A study at King's College London analyzed 8,500 identical and fraternal twinsThey found 39% of media consumption was driven by genetic predisposition It suggests we may

Spicer repeats claim about record inauguration audience

White House press secretary Sean Spicer gave his first press briefing Monday, after tearing into reporters in a Saturday statement   Spicer delivered a blistering statement Saturday

Hillary and Bill Clinton WILL make a political comeback

Hillary and Bill Clinton are looking at a series of reports to diagnose what went wrong with her 2016 bid for the White House Allies and

WeNeed1 student offered £5m for a money-saving website

American investors offered Mohammed Ali more than £5m for his business ideaThe 16-year-old created groundbreaking money-saving website in his bedroomLaunched first company aged 12 and

Florida sheriff's deputy is arrested for attempted murder

Frankie Bybee, 49, was charged with attempting to kill a 79-year-old on MondayThe force veteran befriended the Sarasota, Florida woman for financial gainBybee had fraudulent checks

Man bites EAR off another man during argument about Trump

A man bit the ear off another man in Pittsburgh as they argued about TrumpThe victim was bitten at his apartment in the city's East

Trump says U.S. can cut regulations by 75 per cent

President Donald Trump holds his first full day in office, with a flurry of executive orders plannedHis first event is a meeting with business leaders,

Hong Kong politician hired taxi to fetch TOILET PAPER

Carrie Lam caught short a few hours after moving out of government quartersThe 59-year-old is seen as favourite to become Hong Kong's chief executiveAfter she

Indiana lawmaker apologizes for "fat women" meme

The official account of Jack E Sandlin (R) shared the meme on SundayIt showed a crowd of Washington, DC Women's March protesters The caption read 'In

Shia LaBeouf filmed screaming at white supremacist

Shia LaBeouf screamed at a man who came to his Donald Trump protest over the weekend and said into a camera: 'We must secure the

Trump pulls out of controversial Trans-Pacific trade deal

Trump is making good on a campaign promise to negotiate a better agreement'We've been talking about this for a long time,' Trump said in remarks
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