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191 calls, 158 emails and 1,056 texts: The true scale of contact between News Corp and Jeremy Hunt’s office during BSkyB bid laid bare at Leveson Inquiry

access_time May 24, 2012

Murdoch’s lobbyist Frederic Michel tells Leveson Inquiry he was ‘never told’ to halt contact ‘My view is that Jeremy Hunt

Tom Maynard death: Police investigate why he fled his car before he was found dead

access_time June 19, 2012

Tom Maynard dies killed while ‘attempting to cross a live rail line’ Police in unmarked car tried to get him

Pornography websites are NOT the most dangerous place on the web any more – more viruses are spread by blogs

access_time May 24, 2012

Just 2% of porn sites are infected vs 20% of blogs Increased use of ‘drive-by downloads’ means more infections come

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