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Richest Pastors In Ghana

Ebenezer Adarkwa yiadom

Prophet Ebenezer Adarkwa Opambour Yiadom is the leader of the Ebenezer Miracle Worship Center in Kumasi. He is on record to have the largest church building and largest congregation in the Ashanti Region, Ghana’s most populated region. Opambour is the owner of Radio Mercury, a Kumasi-based private radio station and he would launch his private television station by the end of this year. He has also built a hundred-building estate which he has christened Island City.

In 2008, Opambour spoke of his wealth and denied that he charged money before he prayed for people: “I have never done that before. It is never true. On Tuesdays I do counseling for free and I do not charge anybody. I will use your medium to challenge anybody that has ever given me money for consultation to come out and speak. On Wednesdays, we have another church service, during which offerings are paid just like any other church. We start from GH¢50 upwards. It is not compulsory and only for those who can afford.

“What happens is that we pray for all those who give offerings and I invite them to my house for counseling, after which I give each of them a bottle of anointing oil and give them divine directions on how to use them. We also give the oil to anybody who pays offering; even if it is GH¢1. I rather give money to my church members. It is true I have good cars because you do not expect me to walk on foot to do God’s work, so as for cars I have got a lot of them; and very good ones of course. No one gets a good car and says he does not like it. I do not have a Hummer; I have never owned one. I have two Chryslers, about two of the latest models and other different types of good cars. It is also true I own a radio station. “I bought Radio Mercury in Kumasi to do God’s work; I bought the station, the entire building and the land on which the building is situated and paid cash for it. So I am not rich but very blessed by God and I do not lack any good thing. Mind you, I use my blessings to help those who do not have.”

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