Captain Yaba (Azongo Nyaaba)

Captain Yaba (Azongo Nyaaba) Captain Yaba (Azongo Nyaaba)



Re-released as Yaba Funk Roots by Retroafric in 2003

Captain Yaba (real name: Azongo Nyaaba) was one of the first Frafra kologo players to bring the instrument down from Bolgatanga into the mainstream of Ghanaian music. In the late 1980’s, he joined several Accra jazz groups, playing for years at some of the finest hotels in the city. He recorded his first album in 1989 with Ghanaian-Lebanese producer Feisal Helwani and followed it up with another one a year later. This would begin his departure from the Ghanaian music scene, as he toured the world, tapping into the World Music Boom of the decade. During this time, he continued to play with jazz groups in Accra, but tragically fell ill in 2000 and passed away in 2001 in Accra.

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