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Michael Jackson Lives!

The man is Jackson; Michael Jackson is the man. They thought hewas da man, not knowing he is the man...Jacko, the moon walker, break-k...

The man is Jackson; Michael Jackson is the man. They thought hewas da man, not knowing he is the man…
Jacko, the moon walker, break-kicker-the dancing break dancer is

Michael; he is the man!
Michael Jackson walking day and night. Yes, he is working night

and day. He is dancing to stay; he lives, not going anywhere!

He is working, walking, dancing, moving, moon walking, breaking in

dancing even now!
Can you beat it? Not when Jacko is the man. Can you feel it like him,

no da stage? Can you twist it, hold it? Can you smile better and

beat him? Not in his world!
Is it your voice; can it squik, twick, wink and bling bling? What else can

march the king of pop?
The Billy Jeancer; the dirty Dianaer; da earth songer; da we are the worlder

Michael Jackson is da man!
The heal the worlder…da you rock my worlder-smooth criminaler, blood on

the dance floorer?
The man; da spirit, da angel, songwriter emeritus. Jacko, the motivator,

inspirator, moderator, actor, director. Everything is he-he is everything!

He is the man; the pop, king that pops the pop. The charms, which charms

the pop is Jacko. Can you beat it?
He is the idol, giver, humanitarian, love of humanity, care giver of little ones.

Da uniter…we are the worlder, heal da worlder
Yes, the man in the mirror; the most erotic, axiomatic dancer. He is da hope

that is pop; the joy that children, all in song knows and shall live to sing,

Can you beat it; can you feel, rap, hit, touch, roll, feel, rock it? Michael

is the balm! He is here to stay!
Not the Murray’s, his precursors, conspirators can stop Jacko’s life, for

he is life-the music world breathe him to live, dance, sing, grow for good

Michael Jackson is the healer. Can you beat it, dance it, spin it; what Continued   


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