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Juliet Ibrahim

Juliet Ibrahim
Juliet Ibrahim is a Ghanaian actor of Liberian and Lebanese descent. Considered the "fresh face" of Gollywood - nickname for Ghana's movie industry, J...

Juliet Ibrahim is a Ghanaian actor of Liberian and Lebanese descent. Considered the “fresh face” of Gollywood – nickname for Ghana‘s movie industry, Juliet made her film debut in Crime to Christ, 2007 co-starring Majid Michel.

Personal Life
Juliet was born in Accra, Ghana to a Liberian mother and a Lebanese father. She grew up in Ivory Coast and Lebanon simultaneously. But, now lives permanently in Ghana. She owns a beauty salon and is also a Marketing and Advertising student at the University Of Ghana.

Juliet who officially entered the Ghanaian movie industry in 2005, has often said she had waited for the right time to do so. In a recent interview, she indicated that after seeing the movies Mummy’s Daughter and Princess Tyra she was motivated into acting.

Following her performance in Crime to Christ, Juliet was rumored to be romantically linked to fellow co-star Majid Michel. She vehemently denied this, citing her friendship to Majid’s wife.


Juliet Ibrahim is the fresh young face of “Ghollywood”. Only recently joining our Navankie trio, Actress Juliet Ibrahim is already filming with some of the biggest names in Nollywood.In a short but exclusive interview, she talks about film, life and Majid Micheal!

When Did you Start acting?

Juliet: About three years ago but it was a couple of TV series and the producers still haven’t released them yet. Crime to Christ is my first movie.

What motivated you?

Juliet: I had been waiting for the right time to come out in the industry but was waiting til it improves as well as the right role. After watching movies like Princess Tyra and Mummy’s Daughter, I was like, “now is the time”.

What goes on behind the screen?

Juliet: I work and go to school. I am employed in a beauty salon and I’m studying Advertising and Marketing.

Do You Speak Twi?

Juliet: I speak a bit of twi but understand it better because I didn’t grow up in Ghana. I grew up in Ivory Coast and Lebanon. I speak French fluently.

What other movies do you have coming up?

Juliet: I’m presently doing a movie with the Nigerian Guy who portrayed Osuofia in London alongside Ini Edo. It’s fun.

** On the question of Majid, Is there anything going on between the two of you?

Juliet: I’m not in a relationship with Majid and have never been. He is married and his wife is pregnant now. She is a good friend.

Crime to Christ (2005)
In The Eyes of My Husband (2007)
Yankee Boys (2008)
Losing You (2008)
Royal Storm (2009)
Restore My Love (2009)
Naked Weapon (2009)
Dead End (2008)
Lost Desire (2008)
Bloodfight (2007)
Beautiful King (2009)
Tattoo Boys (2009)
Missing Child (2009)
Honor My Will (2008)
Cash Adventure (2008)
Hidden (2009)
Last Hope’ (DNA test)”(2009)
Queen’s Pride (2009)
Enemy of My Soul (2009)
Princess Rihanna (2010)
Millions (2010)
4play (2010)
Master of the Game (2011)
Battle of love (2011)
4play reloaded (2010)
Crazy Scandal (2010)
Beyond love (2010)
Marriage of sorrows (2009)
30 Days in Atlanta (2014)
Life after Marriage (2014)
Number One Fan (2014)
Shattered Romance (2014)
Teens Life (2015)
Ladan Noma’ (2016)




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