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Kundum is an annual festival, celebrated by the chiefs and people the Nzemas and the Ahantas in the Western Region of Ghana.

The History

It is a belief that, during the period of the festival the people en琧ounter bumper harvest of food-stuffs and plenty supply of fish hence, Kundum is seen as an agricultural festival and associated with the goddess of fertility by the people.

It is of interest to note that, Kundum is also performed because of I religious significance. That is, during the celebration of the festival
Sacrifice is offered to the ancestors and for that matter the dead. This ensures communication between the living and the dead.
Kundum is mostly celebrated in the month of  either june / july/August.
Kundum is a very old festival by the people, for it is known to have been originated around (17th Century). Hence, most of the people came to meet its existence. During the celebration of most of the festivals in Ghana which Kundum is no exception, travelling outside the towns are not en琧ouraged. This is so, since participation in the celebration of the festival is greatly welcomed by all (chiefs and people).

Besides, going far to farm for instance, most of the people in Western Region of Ghana are cocoa farmers so it is not advisable to go deep bush for farming activities. Likewise the fishermen, they do not have to go deep sea fishing where they will stay very long on the sea for turnout on the festival grounds should be high.

Mode of Celebration
During the celebration of the Kundum festival, certain activities that go on include;
The pouring of libation at five traditional spots at the periphery, outskirt of the town. These spots are believed to be the abode of five gods/ goddesses, some of which may be mountains, trees, rivers, lakes, streams or even the sea goddess. Drumming and dancing on some of the days especially in the evenings to keep the festive spirit mov琲ng also take place.

Again, the ritual of lighting the special fire goes on. This activity is done in the evening at about 7.00 p.m. at the chief`s palace. In the process, a whole lot of people gather around including, sub-
chiefs, elders, people in the town and visitors who are in to witness the festival. Here, grievances are brought and solutions found to them, libation is also poured by the chief to get the ancestors involved in the celebration ebration of the festival.

However, it must be noted that, some of the sub-chiefs and elder. (familyheads) light such fires on which meal are prepared (Kundu festive meal) for kingsmen, visitors and the public for a general Ghanaian hospitality.

In course of the festival, individual and family diferences are settled and deceased relatives are also remembered and mourned.
The chief sits in a palanquin through the principal streets in the to and durbar of chiefs and people is held. There is also an entertainment package like the Kundum state dangme and the crowning of Miss Kundum which seek to climax the festival   occasion.

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