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It is an annual festival, observe by the chiefs and people of Elmina in the Central Region of Ghana.

Purpose and History:
literally means "Opening up of the Benya Lagoon into the Sea". is celebrated to mark the beginning of the Fishing season, which is the main livelihood  of the people of Elmina.

Before the celebration of the festival a - six week ban on fishing in the Benya Lagoon is affected as well as a ban on drumming and any form of noise making.The festival is celebrated to invoke the spirit of the ancestors and the sea god/goddess to help the people during the fishing season, to help them obtain a better catch.

Mode of Celebration
The festival is a week-long activity, usually held during summer in June/July. The wonderful ceremony include processions (drumming, singing and dancing) in the town.Also, there is the performance of regatta of canoes on the Benya Lagoon.This Festival is also climax with a durbar of chiefs and people.

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