Mmoaninko Afahye

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Mmoaninko Afahye

This festival is celebrated by the chiefs and people of Offinso in the Ashanti Region of Ghana.

History and Purpose
The Offinso Traditional Area was founded about three centuries ago by Nana Dwamena Akenten I. The Mmoaninko festival derives its name from the event of the second Dormaa War. After the war, and as the chiefs were sharing their spoils of war, some chiefs scrambled for their rightful share of the property as some took gold, silver, diamond etc.

Nana Wiafe Akenten I sat quietly and peacefully in defiance of Asante wisdom. When Nana Wiafe was asked what he wanted out of the booty, he answered "He meant the land that would be left after the other chiefs have exhausted the goods.

Nana Osei Tutu seeing this, rewarded Nana Wiafe Akenten I with a large expanse of land bigger than that of any Ashanti divisional chief. When Nana Wiafe chose land instead of instant personal riches, others questioned the wisdom behind his decision but he had a foresight of a prosperous future of Offinso state in mind.

The fruits of Nana Wiafe`s wise option is the present vast and prosperous traditional area known as Offinso District, the largest area, in the equation of Ashanti geographical divisions. Apart from the land given him, Nana Wiafe Akenten I was also honoured by Nana Osei Tutu by traditionally bequeathed him as a war leader and hero (Osahene) because of the display of braveness and gallantry.

The land which Nana Wiafe Akenten I chose has benefited and it is still benefiting and will benefit posterity. The land has matured into a productive state, which means that the state has become stable (Oman no agyina) hence the name MANGYINA. The festival was celebrated as Mangyina, "" associated with the nation of a stable and prosperous state.

Nana Wiafe Akenten III, his subjects and well-wishers celebrate to recall the great event of Nana Wiafe Akenten I. The Mmoaninko festival can be seen to be socio-religio-political ceremony. In the social sense, it provides an occasion where the citizens of Offinso who had travelled, come back into the town.

Politically, it provides a forum where the chief and his elders dilate
on important matters pertaining to the Offinso state and for that matter national issues.Nana Wiafe Akenten III is a unity loving person, so when the people of Offinso are united with him they can struggle together for common social amenities forthe district.

 Then Offinso state which haS always stood besides the Golden Stool can stand by Asantehene, he and Ashanti region can stand behind the head of state for national development and unity.
Religiously, during the celebration of Mmoaninko festival, some rituals are performed.

Since the festival is associated with the Asona stool belief system, the chief will offer prayers to God (Nyankopon i.e. God almighty) the earth goddess (asase yaa) and the Asona Royal

Ancestois(nasamanfoo) for blessing upon himself, Offinsoman, Ashanti Region and Ghana. The festival is a week-long celebration and it is annual. The climax of the celebration is the durbar of chiefs and people.

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