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Hogbetsotso is an annual festival held by an ethnic group called Anlor who are Ewes in the Volta Region of Ghana. The festival is usually celebrated in the month of  November, especial in the first week.

Purpose and History

 It is believed that, the Anlor?s settled in Notsie in Togo when they first migrated from Southern Sudan. Here, they came under one wicked ruler called Agor-Koli who treated them badly.

This king asked the people to make ropes with mud which impossible. The people then consulted an old lady in the city who told them, they should run away or else Agor-Koli will kill them. She again advised that when leaving they should walk turning their back or else the king will trace them.
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 The rationale behind this is that, their footsteps will show as if the people had instead come into the city. So, the people broke the wall of the city and left with their back.

Besides, they then settled at the present day Anloga. In order to commemorate the movement and bravery of their traditional rulers who led them to escape the tyrannical rule of Agor-Koli and their way created this annual "Festival of Exodus"

Mode of Celebration
A whole lot of activities go on during the celebration of the festival. There is the day for peacemaking, where all outstanding problems are resolved and disputes are also settled among the people.

Also, is the day for purification ceremony of the traditional stool. Aside is a day for general cleaning. With this, choked gutters are cleaned, weeds around compounds cleared and rubbish burnt and swept.

The climax of the festival is the durbar of chiefs and people of the area. Chiefs dress in very colourful regalia, sit in state to receive homage from their people. Singing, dancing and general merry- making go on throughout the festival.

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