Akua Ataa

Akua Ataa is Kyeiwaa

The Nigerian Voice gives daily news updates of the country Nigeria Appearance, they say, is very deceptive. We live in a material world — which consequently has conformed us to dwell on things seen by the eye. For this reason, we often times jump into premature conclusions of things we see, with little or no consideration, at all, to ulterior reasoning. But if we were able to decipher the intellectual accuracy of things seen — then, perhaps, things wouldn't just be judged just by the way they appear.

Such case in point is what has made Madam Akua Ataa a stunning character to the Ghanaian-film viewing public, as far as acting is concerned. Her magnificent interpretations of roles given to her in movies are so vivid such that the audience is often carried away from an imaginary ground into absolute paranoia. Eversince the release of the movie Kyeiwaa, many people seem to have forgotten that this same woman has also played good-hearted roles in preceding movies like “Akonoba”, “Cross Road”, “Abebrese” and “Ogyam” which were all big hits. Now, Akua Ataa, the "Kyeiwaa" on screen has landed herself into making a section of Ghanaians believe that she is indeed an agent of the Devil.

To this lady, her duty is to entertain her fans in every possible way she could through acting hence she performs every part given her passionately. "each time I'm on set, I think about nothing else except my fans and how best I could entertain them with my role." she says. Granted that Kyeiwaa as a movie is one that has won the hearts and captured the attention of its audiences through the splendid performances by its casts.

It is worth noting that Madam Akua Ataa being made the main character of this film is nothing more than mere coincidence. Akua Ataa is a single parent of two girls, got into acting some fifteen years ago, she says her favorite food is Fufu and Light Soup. According to her one of the challenges so far ever since she played Kyeiwaa is the fact that she has to spend hours answering questions on the kind of meat she and her cult were chewing, hence if you care to know, the answer is “Cow Meat”.

So before we are charged with prejudicing, maybe we should all sit back and reflect on these simple questions: "What crime is this woman guilty of, as far as acting is concerned? By local standards, is she a good actor, bad or worse? Isn't this what we have all been asking for…. that our ACTORS live up to the title given to them?"