Kwame Owusu-Ansah

The family and funeral committee chaired by Harry Laud adhered to this rule as if it was Kwame's last wish or maybe he wrote it in his will that when he dies his family should give accreditation to people who would attend his funeral.

For the first time in the history of showbiz in this country for a star like Kwame Owusu-Ansah to die for a so called accreditation and the right for this and the right for that to become a major issue for his final journey to the known.

The death of Kwame Owusu-Ansah has brought a lot of issues from the media, from fellow actors, some family members and funeral organizing committee. His death sparked a lot speculation about what or who really killed him. Unfortunately Kwame was the only one in the Toyota Camry saloon car. According to reports he was unconscious after the fatal accident and never spoke until he finally kicked the bucket.

After one week the hullabaloo about accreditation and who has the right to take photographs of activities concerning the funeral of the late brother began. And interestinly some family members demanded a ransom of 25million (old Ghana cedis) from Weekly Fylla newspaper for taking pictures at the one week ceremony. During the same one week reports came from Kumasi had it that they have set their own date aside what the family had announced.

This brought bad blood between the family members and some Kumasi actors. While waiting for the funeral rights scheduled for the 13th, 14th and 15th of June, news came out that the remains of late actor had already being buried ahead of the set date because Kwame's body had being destroyed beyond recognition. The family came out to deny all these and promised all Ghanaians to come and see Kwame's body laid in state at the International Press Center.

At the wake keeping at Osu near the Ghana Institute of Journalism last Friday the Kumasi wing of the Ghana Actors Guild led by Agya Koo, Mercy Asiedu, Naana Hayford and other movie personalities based in Kumasi made a show down accusing the family of discrimination. They alleged that Harry Laud, Koo Fori and other Accra based actors have connived with the family to stop them from seeing Kwame's body. They protested all night saying if the family will not allow them to see the body they should keep it for themselves. Meanwhile anybody who saw Owusu Ansah body could hardly believe that was the Africa Child.

On Saturday 14th June after the body was sent to the Holy Spirit Cathedral and finally buried at the Osu cemetery, there was another show down at the Trade Fair Center when the issue of accreditation came up, the family and the funeral organizers stopped Peace FM an Accra based radio station from transmitting its popular entertainment discussion program "Entertainment Review" live from the Trade Fair center because they had not being Accredited to do so. In a related twist the camera of Weekly Fylla was seized for close to an hour before it was released simple because Weekly Fylla had not aid the accreditation fees.

Concerns were also raised as to why the family decided to take the funeral to pavilion A instead of mounting canopies outside for enough space to allow free movement. Church services proceeded on Sunday at the Corpus Christi Catholic Church at Sakomono on the Spintex road after which family, friends and sympathizers had a last seating at his residence also in Sakomono. Well, accreditation or no accreditation Kwame is gone and will never come back. We should also be reminded that a funeral in not a business venture.