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Pascaline Edwards

Having come from a very humble beginning, with her first movie dubbed "Djablo", she has grown over the past nineteen years in the movie industry, with over a hundred movies to her credit. Some call her the Sharon Stone of Ghana, others also are of the notion that she is the Omotolla of Ghana, but according to her, she prefers to be the Demi Moore of the Ghanaian showbiz industry, because Demi is her role model.

Your exciting Chronicle's Entertainment Driver chanced upon this vibrant actress, while she was having a photo shoot, and the smiles, coupled with bubbly jokes, she entertained her crew with, was impossible to ignore, and that is Pascaline Edwards for you. Looking very ravishing in her well-sewn Kaba and slit, Pascaline could easily pass for a twenty-year old young lady, who is taking the first steps into the future with grace and naivety. It was quite a surprise to your train driver, when she revealed that in two years, she would be hitting the age where it is said, life begins. According to Pascaline she comes from humble beginnings - a family of fourteen - but is not certain exactly where she comes from, because both her parents have a mixture of Portuguese, Swedish, and Ghanaian blood in them, and a whole lot more.

Asked if a rumour of her divorce to her second hubby is true, she denied it, and referred to it as a baseless spin of lies, which come along with fame, adding that she has been happily married for seven years, and owns two fitness centers, with one on the motorway roundabout in Tema, and the other at the Tesano Sports Club. She disclosed to your Train Driver that acting over the years, had made her very wealthy, and not only does run the fitness center, but has a training institute, which she established two years ago, called "Film Techniques Institute in Tema." To her, nineteen years of acting has taught her all the rubrics of the industry, which she needs to know, and that has made her very capable of training up coming young ones, who have the flair and passion to act. She added that in Ghana it is only when you have the passion to act, that you can survive in the industry, because of the little monetary gains involved.

Fortunately for her, she has still remained the best female actress for the past five years, because since the first, and who knows if it will be the last, Ghana Actors Guilds Awards, which took place in the year 2002, the organizers have not followed up with another edition, after the median awards night, leaving Pascaline still the best female actress, which she was proud to tell your Train Driver about. Lately, it seems she has been missing in action, and when questioned on her sudden absence from the scenes, she smiled and said, "oh l don't want my fans to get to used to seeing me in every movie; I want them to miss me for a while."

Adding that she was coming up with her own talk show, named "Dreams," promising that it would be the talk show to top all talk shows on television in Ghana. Dreams, she said, was set to make the dreams of people come true in one day, in other words she is the dreams come true angel, who makes the dreams of people come to life in one day, and personally your Entertainment Train Driver cannot wait for the show to commence, so the dream of driving a Cadillac Cartel someday would be made a reality by Pascaline. Taking your Train Driver through her family life, she said she has a nineteen year old son, who was born at the time when her career in acting begun.

Thus he has been accompanying her on location and virtually every where she goes, and sometimes refers to him as her handbag, till lately when he is all grown up, and wants to pursue aeronautic engineering. In describing who Pascaline Edwards was, she said, she was a lively simple and romantic woman, who is full of life, and does not allow the pressures of this world to weigh her down.

Though she does have stressful days, she is happy she takes it one day at a time. Commenting on the death of Kwame her colleague, Pascaline noted that she still cannot comprehend the fact that he is gone, and that has made her refuse to go to his house, because she would be struck by the reality that he is no more. He was not a friend but a brother, who she felt extremely comfortable with. "I call his phone now then, hoping he will answer, but unfortunately it is switched off," she said. For now, she is keeping it low, but promised to come back with a bang! So loud that it will knock her fans of their feet, but at the moment she is urging them to watch out for her latest movie, "Bloody Kiss," because in that movie you will see her making love to her lover, in a way that, according to her, is mind blowing.

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