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Veeda Appiah


A former Miss Ghana USA, Veeda started out as an actress; however, it was the release of her hit single 'Bribi Yaaye Me' that immediately launched her into the limelight and sealed her status as a star in the Ghanaian entertainment industry. SEXINESS Veeda has us awestruck by her ultra curvaceous body, bountiful booty, thick thighs, shapely legs coupled with hard flats abs which is just a dangerous dose of sexiness; er ..... Need I say more?


Vida Darko professionally known as Veeda is a singer-song writer and actress who broke into the music scene with her debut album "Destiny" released in 2008 and into the film industry with a string of hit movies including 'Crossing Path' starring alongside star actors Jim Ike and Van Vicker.

Veeda was born in Ghana, but migrated to America in her early teen midway through her high school education at Tema Secondary School. Veeda completed her high school education at Fairmont Heights High School in the States; she then attended the University of Maryland where she graduated with a bachelor's degree in Computer Information Systems. Veeda made her acting debut in 2004; however, due to delays the movie is yet to be released.

Thereby, creating a popular misconception that she started singing before acting, when the reverse is the fact. Veeda is also in touch in with her benevolent side as she has set up the change charity which aims at catering to the needs of foster kids in Ghana. QUOTES: "My style is sexy but classy."-Veeda "I don't regret a thing."-Veeda


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