The Judiciary

Posted by GhanaNation on 4/10/2007 10:26:45 AM

The Judiciary

Mission Statement:

is the third arm of government empowered by the constitution and the laws of the Republic of Ghana, autonomous and vested with the Judicial Power of the nation. It has the sole responsibility of interpreting the Constitution and laws, administering justice and providing other related services. The Judicial Service as a Public Service Institution is the organ responsible for the day to day administration of the Courts and Tribunals of the land.

In fulfillment of this mandate, the Judiciary under the authority of the Chief Justice intends to; Uphold the independence of the Judiciary,

Show commitment to the true and proper interpretation of the Constitution and laws of Ghana Ensure the speedy and unfettered administration of Justice brought to the door step of the people and the provision of other services for all manner of persons, groups and institutions without fear or favour and Maintain a high standard of efficiency in the delivery of justice.

In this endeavour, the Chief Justice counts on all citizens of Ghana, institutions and organizations in Ghana and all men and women of goodwill throughout the world to assist in providing an enabling environment for the efficient discharge of the duties of the Judicial Service to make the rule of law and democracy thrive in Ghana thereby contributing to its total development

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