7 Vaginal Hygiene That Every Ghanaian Girl Must Know

7 Vaginal Hygiene That Every Ghanaian Girl Must Know 7 Vaginal Hygiene That Every Ghanaian Girl Must Know

Yeah yeah, we know talking about vagina and s-x issues is a taboo in Ghana, but we still have to!

Maintaining vaginal hygiene is very important to every woman’s health, so GhanaNation has put together a list of rules about keeping the vagina is a good state that we believe every lady/woman in Ghana need to know!


1. Always keep it clean and dry

It’s normal for a woman to get her underwear wet due to vaginal discharge, sweat and improper cleaning after urinating. Having a wet underwear for longer period can cause bacteria that lead to infections and bad odour down there. Do your best to keep is dry and clean!

2. Change your sanitary pad every 7 hours

When menstruating, you need to change your sanitary pad between every 5 – 7 hours. If you wear it for too long, you are leaving yourself at risk of developing an infection, bad odour and rashes down there.

3. Tight clothes makes you sweat

We know you have the body of a goddess are you are proud to show it, and you should! But understand that tight clothes makes you sweat easily, it reduces air circulation down there, and puts you at a higher risk of developing vaginal infection.

4. You have to clean up after s-x

No excuses!! Body fluids and particles from condoms and other s-x products can cause infection down there. So it is very important to clean your vagina with soap and water after the boom boom pow to keep it safe from bacteria and infections.

5. Regularly shave pubic hair

Always keep your pubic hair short or remove it completely in order to keep your private parts clean. To extent possible, avoid using razors, but if you still need to, then always use a new blade.

6. Use talcum powder to keep it dry

Make it an everyday after-bath routine to apply some talc on your vagina. This will help your vagina stay clean and dry for hours.

7. Do not scrub your vagina EVER!

The skin on your private parts is sensitive and can easily peel off when scrubbed with a harsh product. Hence always opt for products that are gentle and easy on the skin.

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