La Kingmaker Threatens Suit Against False Peddlers

The Shikitele of Labadi, Nii Adjei Koofeh IV, also known as Kingmaker, has issued a strong warning to those seeking to undermine his authority by erroneously referring to him as secretary and not the kingmaker of Labadi to desist from such falsehood or face the court.

Speaking at a news conference in Accra, the Kingmaker said, in the constitutional affairs of La, the Shikitele is the head of the Electoral College (Akwaashong), hence his position as the Kingmaker and Acting La Mantse when the La stool becomes vacant.

According to him, some people believed to emanate from the sitting La Mantse Quarters are claiming that the word Shikitele is the Portuguese word for Secretary meanwhile the Portuguese word for Secretary is Secretario and not Shikitele.

The Kingmaker noted the ascriptions to the position of the La Shikitele as the Secretary are false and baseless because no one has been able to prove that a Shikitele has ever been a Secretary or Otsaame to any La Mantse or elsewhere in the Ga state.

In addition, a court judgment in October 1938, indicated that in accordance with native custom, law and usage, it was satisfied that the shikitele is the proper person who acts in the absence of a Mantse and any election or installation of a Mantse on the stool of Labadi carried out by any person other than the Shikitele shall be deemed abortive and shall have no binding effect whatever.

“We also want to take this opportunity to send a word of caution to all and sundry to be mindful about the implications of infringing on court judgments,” he stated.

The Kingmaker indicated that the La Shikitele, in accordance with the native customary law of Labadi, is the personage to enstool and destool the chief of Labadi, a fact which is well known to the people of Labadi.

Nii Adjei Koofeh IV added that even though there might be disputes in years back regarding the heir to throne, the position of the La Shikitele has never been challenged nor ceased to be the kingmaker of Labadi.

He intimated that past La Shikiteles have exercised this responsibility when it became necessary to the extent of representing La at the then Ga State Council. The erroneous ascriptions which are derogatory to the position of the Shikitele have led to disturbance of peace in La times past.

“The Nmati Abonase Quarter do not therefore see the need why such erroneous ascriptions to the position of the Shikitele should continue at a time that La is enjoying relative peace and unity towards development and progress,” the Kingmaker expressed worry.


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