Nigerian Lady Calls Out A ‘One Minute’Guy On Twitter

Nigerian Lady Calls Out A ‘One Minute’Guy On Twitter

Lots of drama unfold on Twitter all the time and this time around its a lady who is pissed off that a man couldn’t last for more than one minute when they were chopping each other down.

The lady took to the Social Media site to register her displeasure—Perhaps the guy is on her Twitter list and wanted him to know how frustrated she was for only lasting for a minute in the first round.

She posted on  Twitter: “After 1st round, you are satisfied so I should go and settle myself or what? Mr man I put it to you that you are a selfish bastard.”


Well, she’s even lucky the guy lasted for a minute and not thirty seconds. If the place was too warm and wet AF, what do you expect sister? LOL

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