Lesbian Couple From Ghana Married In Canada (Photos)

Lesbian Couple From Ghana Married In Canada (Photos)

With Ghana’s law prohibiting the marriage of gays, those who are gays have no option than to get married in a country where the laws respect their choice of a sexual partner and allow them to get married. Another Lesbian couple have tied the knot together in Ghana.

The couple known as Diana and Teresa became ‘husband & wife’ in Canada where they got married at a private ceremony that was attended by friends and family.

Diana and Teresa are not the first Ghanaian lesbians to get married in a foreign country. Sometime in December 2017, another Lesbian couple from Ghana got married in a foreign country and they even wore Kente when they had their traditional marriage.

We also heard of the story of an old Achimotan student Stephen Anertey Caesar who got married to his white gay partner in the USA.

One thing is that is clear is that, these gays know they would not be accepted in Ghana and cannot get married here, so when they get the chance, they flew to a place where they would be accepted and then get married over there.


See some of the photos from Diana and Teresa’s wedding ceremony:

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