S3x Is My Greatest Source of Strength, I Can Spoil Myself 24/7 – Eazzy

S3x Is My Greatest Source of Strength, I Can Spoil Myself 24/7 – Eazzy

Born Mildred Ashong but popularly known as Eazzy has confessed that s£x is her source of strength and she can have it the whole day because it keeps her on track.

The hibernated songstress confessed that what has kept her going all these years in her music career is s3x. She explained that it makes her forget her problems, calms her nerves, releases her stress and broadens her scope of mind in life.

The artist who has been missing in the music industry for a while now called on Ghanaians especially women to not underestimate the power of s3x because it does not only satisfy human needs, its medicinal.

“S3x keeps me going whenever I’m down. People underrate the power of s3x and it actually releases a lot of stress, it puts you on track when your mind is clouded”, Eazzy said this in an exclusive interview on Cruise Control via Hitz FM.

The struggling female musician added that she does not mind having s*x the whole day if the feeling is mutual asked people to read more about the scientific benefits of sex. 

“Scientifically I need people to read about the benefits of sex and how many times one can benefit from doing it every single day or every week”.

On records, between 2009 and 2013, there was no female Hiplife artiste bigger than Eazzy. With hit songs like “Bɔ Wo Nsam Ma Me“ and “Wengeze”. Truth be told, Eazzy Was the icing on the cake between 2009 & 2013 and her presence can be linked to the slogan of telecommunication giant, MTN – Everywhere You Go. 

But somewhere along the line, the unexpected in life took its course and the brand Eazzy started diminishing after she parted ways with Richie’s Lynx Entertainment. Fast forward, new crop of female acts like Kaakie and MzVee popped up and killed Eazzy’s music shine.


Eazzy is currently promoting her new single ‘Obaa Gbemi’ . Listen to it below:





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