I’m Not A ‘Bad’ Boy Like John Dumelo, I Stick To One Woman At A Time–James Gardiner

I’m Not A ‘Bad’ Boy Like John Dumelo, I Stick To One Woman At A Time–James Gardiner

Fine boy and actor James Gardiner made an appearance on the latest episode of  ‘The Delay Show’ and in his interview with the tv presenter, he opened up about the issue of John Dumelo dating his sister in the past but chose to settle with another woman known as Gifty Mawunyo.

From the interview, one could tell it wasn’t a topic James Gardiner wanted to get in but since Delay popped it, he had to answer it again. James Gardiner clarified in the interview that, the person is actually a cousin and not a sister.

According to him, he doesn’t like to meddle in other people’s business so although he knew John Dumelo was dating his cousin and they broke up, only to find out John married another woman, he didn’t bother to approach John and ask him why he did that or even ask her cousin about what happened as he believes, they are two responsible adults and knew what is good for them.

James Gardiner in jest said he’s loyal to the woman he’s dating and not a womanizer like John Dumelo. He disclosed that he’s been dating his current girlfriend for more than 2 years now but refused to give a name as he says he likes to keep certain aspects of his life very private.

James Gardiner is one of the actors signed by Zylofon Media.

Watch that bit of the interview below:




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