Two ‘Notorious’ Land guards Arrested

TTHE AMASAMAN Divisional Police Command has apprehended two persons they suspect are part of a land guard syndicate terrorizing residents of the area.

The suspects, Anaam Yaro and Daniel Nii Amoo Dodoo, both aged 25, were arrested after attempting to extort money from some developers.

Also, they allegedly threatened to shoot and kill anybody who refused their request.

According to the Amasaman police, they received a tip-off about the activities of the suspects and rushed to the scene to apprehend them.

A Magnum Kral Fertina pistol number 0243180542 being used by suspect Yaro was later seized by the police during a search on him.

Briefing DAILY GUIDE, Chief Superintendent Francis Yiribaare, Amasaman divisional police commander, said the incident occurred around 11:30am on Friday, February 15, 2019, at Peace Village, a suburb of Amasaman.

He said the suspects, upon seeing the police, took to their heels but Anaam Yaro was grabbed while he tried to escape on a motorbike.

Chief Superintendent Yiribaare averred that the victims, upon seeing Daniel Dodoo, identified him as the leader of the gang that had terrorized and extorted money from them.

Yaro later confirmed that Daniel Dodoo was their leader and that he supplied him with the gun to terrorize the developers.

According to Yaro, who claimed he was a cattle herdsman at Ablekuma, he was convinced by Daniel Dodoo to join the land guard group in order to earn a better living.

The divisional commander said Daniel Dodoo supplied Yaro and his gang the fire arms for their operations.

He stated: “Our investigations have revealed that, on that fateful morning, Yaro took delivery of two guns from Daniel Dodoo at Riverside at Afuaman near Manhean to undertake the operation”.


By Linda Tenyah-Ayettey

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