Checkout 5 Relaxing Gateways In Ghana

Checkout 5 Relaxing Gateways In Ghana Holy Trinity Spa

Everyone needs to relax. You will probably find a gazillion article online explaining why this is quite important. It is good to take time out to do fun things or take a vacation. In Ghana, there are abundant cool places you can visit and leave behind your busy schedule. Here are some of our favourite destinations

Aqua Safari – Ada

This is a place you can get totally soaked in the beauty of nature as you relax and unwind. Aqua Safari takes you away from the capital city of Accra and welcomes you to a luxurious resort in the coastal town of Ada Foah. The waterfront chalets are well positioned to offer guests a breathtaking view of the Volta River. It is the perfect destination for a getaway with your family and friends. Adventurous individuals can go jet skiing or cruise on the Volta River.

Lou Moon Lodge – Axim

Located in Axim, Lou Moon Lodge is within an expansive landmass featuring palm trees, forests and delightful beaches. The natural swimming pool is the perfect place to let your body cool off. You can enjoy a nature walk through the 24 acres of forest and jungle. Beyond just relaxing in the comfort of the lodge, guests can engage in fun activities such as playing beach volleyball, canoe trip to neighbouring village and kayaking.

Combining the serenity of the Volta Lake with carefully designed luxurious services, Royal Senchi is an ideal spot to de-stress and rejuvenate. The resort is strategically located on the bank of the Volta River ensuring the cool ambience. You can go for boat rides, kayaks and paddle boats on Volta Lake. The resort hotel also has a spa and fitness centre for proper stretching of the muscles and grooming.

Holy Trinity Spa – Sogakope

Regarded as the sanctuary for body, mind and spirit, Holy Trinity Spa & Health Farm is the haven for full wellness and relaxation in a scenic environment. The farm balances health, fitness and relaxation in delivering the best climate to reflect and renew your energy level. Holy Trinity Spa is located in Sogakope, a two hour drive from Accra, the capital city. They have a honeymoon package that is great for couples.

Stone Lodge – Akosombo

Another place you can experience the best of hospitality in an eco-friendly environment in Akosombo is Stone Lodge. The Lodge is designed to offer a unique traditional environment with modern facilities. You will enjoy the abundant greenery and the surrounding landscape dotted by hills and mountains. While these are great places to relax, if you are looking for cheaper options you can find and book affordable lodges in Ghana on Jovago.

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