Banku And Tilapia

To cook grilled Tilapia Lay out sheets of aluminum foil---large enough to wrap around each piece of fish, Squirt lemon juice on the fish or brush on olive oil.

Add sliced vegetables---such as peppers and onions. Seal the foil loosely around each serving of fish and vegetables by pinching the ends together and cook on heated grill for 10 min.

Banku is an indigenous fermented meal of maize or cassava. It is cooked by four cups of White Maize gridded into powder.

This is mixed with half a cup of water this mixture is fermented for about 3 -4 days.

Its then kneaded with the hand until a very smooth dough is obtained. It is then cut into small dumplings, water is added and it is boiled for a hour in a pot, this banku is served with grilled tilapia.

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