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Maanu Female Akan Second Born
Madi Unisex Ewe I will save her/him
Madonudenu Male Ewe My confidence is in Him
Magava Male Ewe I shall return
Makafui Male Ewe I will praise Him
Makafui (Kafui) Unisex Assin I will Praise him
Malike Male Ewe I will be established
Manorgbe Male Ewe I shall live
Mansa Female Akan Third Born
Manu Male Akan Second Born
Martey Male Ga-Adangbe
Mawufeasi Male Ewe God's hand
Mawufemor Female Ewe God's way
Mawuko Unisex Ewe Except God (Only God)
Mawuko Unisex Ewe Only God
Mawukoenya Female Ewe Only God knows
Mawukomayo Female Ewe only God i call
Mawulawoe Unisex Ewe God shall perform
Mawuli Male Ewe There Is A God
Mawumenyo Female Ewe It is good to fellowship
Mawunyo Unisex Ewe God is good
Mawunyo Male Ewe God is good
Mawusi Unisex Ewe In God's hands
Mawutor Male Ewe God's own
Mawuvivi Female Ewe God is sweet