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The Monkey


AKPOS: I’m in big trouble!
JOHNNY: Why is that?
AKPOS: I saw a mouse in my house!
JOHNNY: Oh, well, all you need to do is use a trap.
AKPOS: I don’t have one.
JOHNNY: Well then, buy one.
AKPOS: Can’t afford one.
JOHNNY: I can give you mine if you want.
AKPOS: That sounds good.
JOHNNY: All you need to do is just use some cheese in order to make the mouse come to the trap.
AKPOS: I don’t have any cheese.
JOHNNY: Okay then, take a piece of bread and put a bit of oil in it and put it in the trap.
AKPOS: I don’t have oil.
JOHNNY: Well, then put only a small piece of bread.
AKPOS: I don’t have bread.
JOHNNY: Then what is the mouse doing in your house!?

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