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Local Call

3 ex presidents from usa,uk and Ghana died and went to hell.They decided to call home and see how their successors were doing. satan happened to be the owner of the communication center since there wasnt any other phone around.The usa president called us and talked for 2 minutes.Satan said his bill was $5000.He paid. The uk president called,talked for 3minute and had to pay for 6000pounds.The Ghana president got up and said shoot im gon call too and see how their budget is going.He talked for 2 hours.He went to satan for his bill and was told its 20 ghanaian cedis(less than 1  us penny).He was suprised and asked why the others were charged that much and he has to pay that little for talking that long. satan said Well my son, when you are in hell and you make a call to another hell, its considered a LOCAL CALL.

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