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Electric Chair

Four Ghanaians commit an offense. They were given four types of the death penalty options to choose from: Electric chair, Firing squad, Hanging, or HIV INJECTION.

On the fateful day, the 4 Ghanaians went straight to the Executioner to get killed.

The Ewe man chose the electric chair; and boom he was gone!

The Ga man chose the firing squad. A shot was fired, and boom he was gone.

The Fante man was lifted by the Executioner of the stool and boom he was gone!

Asante man walked confidently to the Executioner and selected the HIV INJECTION option. They injected a bottle of the deadly virus into his veins. And off he goes! He walks confidently to his cell and tells his cell mates, pointing at the Executioners:

"Nkwaseafuor, wommo nnim seh meshe condom!" Which literally means those Stupid people, they don't know that I'm wearing a condom

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