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VIDEO: Bishop Obinim’s Translator Is So Bad You Should Probably Apply For His Job Right Now!

July 06, 2017
Bishop Daniel Obinim speaks passable English, not too fancy but enough to be understood. However, he primarily preaches in twi, for the masses to get

Popular South African Prophet Pictured Using Toxic 'Doom' Pesticide to Heal Worshipers in Sunday Service (Photos)

November 21, 2016
A popular South African prophet, Lethebo Rabalago has sparked a media controversy after he was pictured using pesticide to heal worshipers during his Church's Sunday

When Bishop Obinim Magically Transformed Into A Man In USA To Help A Woman In Ghana – Who Believes This Crap Anymore?

November 16, 2016
The stories of the supposed power and majesty of Bishop Daniel Obinim told in church by his members seem to get more outlandish as the

UK’s High Commissioner, Jon Benjamin Takes A Swipe At “Angel” Bishop Obinim On Twitter

November 15, 2016
Following the charge on Angel Obinim of the  International God’s Way Church (IGWC) at the back of he abusing two of his church members, Jon

Maame Water Spirits Have S*x With Women Who Bath After 6pm Or Wear Rings When They Aren’t Married - Preacher Claims

October 26, 2016
A former hardcore Sakawa boy turned evangelist, Mike Zigah, is making wild allegations about women who bath after 6pm at night, claiming that some marine

Nigerian Gay Pastor: “Being HomoS**ual Is A Gift From God And Honourable”

October 20, 2016
Nigeria’s first gay pastor, founder of secret gay church, House of Rainbow, Rowland Jide Macaulay has said being homos*xual was honourable. He took to his Instagram

Angel Obinim Recreates Virgin Mary Miracle - 45 Year Old Woman Who Has Not Had S*x In Six Years Pregnant After Spiritual Visit From Obinim

October 04, 2016
Bishop Daniel Obinim has officially graduated from being Jesus’ coequal to being God’s – after his latest miracle transcended anything the son of God had

OMG! Watch Members Fall Under Anointing from Pastor's 'Spiritual Free-Kick' (Video)

October 03, 2016
A pastor has left many totally in awe with his unbelievable and special anointing & healing power.  A pastor has left many people mesmerized after a

VIDEO: Woman Who Bishop Obinim Transported Magically From Saudi Arabia To Ghana Gives Her Testimony

October 01, 2016
Remember the lady who supposedly vanished from Saudi Arabia to Ghana, magically transported by the great Bishop Angel Daniel Obinim? Well, the below video is her

Diamond Appiah’s Ongoing Defence Of Bish op Obinim Gets More Ridiculous – Her Latest One Is That We Shouldn’t Believe What Comes Out Of Obinim’s Own Mouth

September 17, 2016
The mental gymnastics and illogical contortions at play here are simply breathtaking. Diamond Appiah is back on the warpath for her spiritual daddy Bishop Daniel Obinim,

Pastor Arrested After Attempting To Rape An 18 Year Old Girl During An ‘Exorcism’ – Claims It Was ‘The Devil’ Who Forced Him To Do It

September 10, 2016
Someone once said ‘doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is the definition of insanity’. It’s not exactly a textbook

BUSTED!! Pastor Stripped For Owing Akpeteshie Seller

August 27, 2016
Seeing your n*de pictures circulating online and this I cannot begin to think which owns the bakery when it comes to embarrassment. I mean being

I Have 20 Houses, 8 Range Rovers, 5 Infinity SUVs

August 26, 2016
Beleaguered man of God Bishop Daniel Obinim has said God has blessed him with abundant material wealth. “I have more than 20 houses given to me

Bishop Obinim Records Whatsapp Voice Note to Explain Why He Whipped the Hell of Two Church Members–And He Makes It Worse By Showing How Irresponsible He is (AUDIO)

August 19, 2016
I wouldn’t hold any grudge against the person who says Obinim is a charlatan. Bishop Daniel Obinim is not only good at exploiting the credulity and

VIDEO: Bishop Angel Daniel Obinim Whips The Hell Out of A Church Member For Getting Pregnant

August 18, 2016
Bishop Daniel Obinim has insane methods but many of his credulous followers do not see it so and continue to flood his many places of

Obinim Impersonated For S*x

August 17, 2016
The police Criminal Investigations Department (CID) has apprehended a 30-year-old man based in Kpong, near Tema, for allegedly using the name of Bishop Daniel Obinim,

Obinim Says He Doesn’t Give a F**K that His House Was Gutted By Fire

July 21, 2016
While many people were commiserating with him that his house was gutted by fire, Bishop Obinim says he effing doesn’t give a f***k about what

I’m Not Ashamed To Be Gay – Nigerian Pastor

July 11, 2016
Nigeria’s first gay pastor, founder of secret gay church, House of Rainbow, Rowland Jide Macaulay, says he is proud to have come out in the

AUDIO: Actor Eddie Nartey CONFIRMS Indeed Prophet Bernard Afresa Taylor CHOPS DOWN His Church Members + MORE

July 04, 2016
A few days ago, GhanaGrio.Com reported a story of a woman who claims Prophet Bernard Afresa Taylor of Destiny Empowerment Chapel International, a supposed man

Another Ex of Prophet Bernard Taylor Speaks: ‘I Never Saw Him Pray All the Nights I Spent in His Bed’ + More SHOCKING REVELATIONS

June 30, 2016
According GhanaCelebrities, Several women have contacted Them since Prophet Bernard Afresa Taylor of Destiny Empowerment Chapel International’s chopping down scandal broke two days ago—and this

THE BIG CONVERSATION: On Ghanaian Prophet’s Chopping Down of Church Members, Shatta Wale’s Wife Shocking Outfit At Golden Movie Awards + More

June 29, 2016
Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri and GC Staff writer-Pyper Pebbles looked at the trending issues we’ve covered today and a few days ago—notably the case of Prophet

Shocking!! Ghanaian Prophet Allegedly Chopping Down His Female Members | A Regrettable Victim of His Chop Down Speaks Out & We Have Their Whatsapp Chats

June 28, 2016
Call her a scorned woman or whatever—but that does not in anyway make it right for Prophet Bernard Afresa Taylor of Destiny Empowerment Chapel International,

VIDEO: A Woman Took A Big Money Vomiting Snake into A Church in Ghana to Face A Powerful Pastor—Witchcraft, Juju + MORE

June 20, 2016
Today, I am not going to talk about the obvious fraud and the credulity of those who believe in such nonsense—especially, those who cannot see

Pastor Orders His Members To Eat Mango Leaves After He Prayed For The Tree To Become KFC, Pizzas & Spaghetti (Photos)

June 20, 2016
Controversial South African pastor, Penuel Mnguni, yesterday during his church service, went to a Mango tree and declared it to be KFC,Pizza and spaghetti. After

WTF? The Insanity of Religion & It Followers Captured By This Short But Shocking Video

June 15, 2016
“I know of only one thing capable of making even the smartest person in the room stupid, and the benevolent defend cruelty—-and proceed to say

In Accra: Apostolic Pastor In Police Grip After He Was Caught ‘Bonking’ Married Church Member

May 20, 2016
Head Pastor and Founder of the Apostolic Good News Church International, Apostle Douglas Akwesi Amanor has been caught in a sex orgy with a married
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